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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I love the 80's #5: McDonald's Football Cards

In 1986, McDonalds handed out one football card with each purchase. Cities with local football teams were given players from that team. For example... if you lived in Chicago, you would receive a Bears player. This included areas with nearby football teams. Since, I lived in San Jose... my buddies and I collected the Raiders and 49er's cards. McDonalds in cities without a local football team passed out players from the McDonald's All-Stars set.

Unfortunately, none of mine survived the 80's... because at the bottom of each card there was a scratch-off, which people the chance to win prizes. There were four different colored scratch-offs. In other words... each team had four sets (same players, different colored scratch-off). From what I read... the blue is the most difficult to find, because they were handed out the first week. Each of the other colors (green, gold, and black) were handed out during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks of the promotion. All of my sets have the green scratch-off.

Anyways... if I remember correctly, you could win free food. Either way... I tore all of my scratch-offs off of my cards and eventually threw away all of them.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I saw someone selling these at the flea market and I instantly wanted them for my collection. His prices were a little out of my league, so I searched eBay and found a guy who would combine shipping for multiple sets.

I was able to pick up 5 sets for $24.75 and that's including shipping. I picked up the All-Stars set, because it has some of the biggest names in football from the 80's: Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Walter Payton, and Marcus Allen.

If you're a regular reader of my blog... then you know I'm a Packer and Seahawks fan... so I obviously picked up these two sets.

Both sets contain 24 cards. I was excited to see that Jim Zorn (one of the greatest Seahawk QB's of all-time) was featured in his Packer's uniform. It's the first time I've seen a card of him wearing the green and gold. This set also features my favorite Packer's QB from the 80's... Mr. Lynn Dickey. However... I was quite surprised to see that HOF wide receiver... James Lofton was not included.

The Seahawks set featured a ton of fan favorites: Norm Johnson, Dave Krieg, Dave Brown, Curt Warner, Kenny Easley, Fredd Young, Joe Nash, Jacob Green, and of course... my favorite Seahawk of all-time... Mr. Steve Largent.

I also picked up the Oakland Raiders set, since that's what I collected when I was a little kid. This set is stacked too. It features: Ray Guy, Jim Plunkett, Mike Haynes, Marcus Allen, Lester Hayes, Todd Christensen, Rod Marten, Matt Millen, and Howie Long.

Last, but not least... I picked up the Dallas Cowboys set. I hate the Cowboys... but I really wanted the Tony Dorsett and Herschel Walker cards. Unfortunately, I didn't received the Walker... but the rest of the cards arrived safely. I'm currently talking to the seller in an effort to acquire a Walker for the set. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I also have the blue 49er's set on the way. I wanted this one... because it features a 1986 card of Hall of Famer... Jerry Rice. I'm stoked about this one... I'll also be bidding on a blue set of the Buffalo Bills, because I really want to get my hands on the Bruce Smith... another Hall of Famer.

So... today's question of the day is about McDonalds.

What's your favorite item on their menu?

Last night, we had parent conferences and a few of my friends and I went there for dinner. There's no question... the french fries are my item on the menu... but the McRib is right up there.

Oh... I almost forgot...

Congratulations goes out to Joe (author of The Sandlot)... he was one of the four people who correctly guessed that I regretted buying the video game and the dog. I used random.org and listed the four names (ryan, mariner1, cubsfan731, and (...Joe)). After pressing "randomize" five times... (...Joe) was on top... so he's the winner. I'm not going to say what he's won... but Joe if you're reading this... it was shipped out a couple of days ago. Hope you enjoy it.

Well... hasta luego. Only one more day 'til Thanksgiving break!

P.S. I also forgot to mention... if you're interested... McDonald's also put out a Chicago Bears Super Bowl set in 1985. If you're interested...they go for around $10 on eBay.


  1. Chocolate Shake...does that count?

  2. I have not eaten at McDonald's in well over three years. It's certainly not due to taste. My mouth waters just driving by the place. Good thing there isn't one on like every corner.

    I never was a regular, but I have gone once or twice in the past. I have to go with the double cheese burger. I might have to break my no McDonald's streak with the McRib out for a limited time.

    Cool post Mark. McDonald's has had a number of great sports promotional "giveaways". I have the Dream Team cup set from the '92 Olympics. Like I said, I've been there once or twice in the past.

    Enjoy your break!!!

  3. Not sure if you guys get the same menu as we do in the UK but my current favourite item on their menu is the Chicken Legend with Bacon and a side of mozzarella dippers with a chocolate shake.

  4. Definitely the McRib. As far as regular menu items, though, I would have to say I still love a Big Mac.

  5. Hmmm. I don't eat McDonalds. At all. But if we're near and the girls want a treat I'll get them a parfait and I'll have a McFrappe or whatever those things are.

    Cool cards though. I don't remember them at all from when I was a kid. But then again I lived in the hills of Montana - I was a bit out of the loop.

  6. spastikmooss - hell yeah... chocolate shakes count. i love those... haven't had one in years... but i love 'em.

    charles -i'm not a regular at mcdonalds either... maybe two or three times a year... although i've gone twice this week... once for conferences... and once for the mcrib.

    oh... i have that set too... well... almost a full set. i'm missing one of them... forgot which one though. just another thing packed away in my buddy's garage. one of these days i'll dig them out.

    tony mc - i love it that mcdonalds has different menus in different parts of the world... my favorite is the portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice in hawaii... but a chicken legend with bacon sure sounds good too.

    spankee - they need to keep the mcrib on the menu permanently... that's one delicious sandwich

    g - you've got some explainin' to do...how do you go to mcd & order a mcfrappe, but no fries?

    one of my buddies grew up in montana... always talking about them rocky mountain oysters ;-)

  7. I never got any of the football cards, but I do remember seeing them at card shows all of the time. I think they also did some hockey cards with Topps in Canada that were black with gold foil if I remember correctly. My favorite though were the Upper Deck basketball cards that they did Shaq's rookie year. The Orlando region Shaq rookie was a pretty hot card at the time and even the local Celtics 10 card set was popular at card shows. I've got the National 50 card set (which also had a Shaq rookie) as well as the Boston and Orlando sets. One of these days, I've got to pick up the sets from the other cities. I think there also may have been a rare hologram that could be pulled as well. (A quick eBay search confirms that yes, there was a Jordan hologram to be pulled.)

    My favorite McDonald's menu item, if made properly, is the fries. Lately, it seems like all of the McDonald's near me have been oversalting their fries making them inedible. For sandwiches, I go with either the double cheeseburger or Big Mac.

  8. Since I am from Chicago and old enough to remember the 1985 Bears, I remember the 1985 McDonald's Bears set. They only issued the cards during the playoffs, and they MADE YOU BUY SOMETHING in order to get one. It was "no purchase necessary" for just the coupon at the bottom. I asked for my free card, and the McDonald's employee tore off the coupon and gave it to me, and told me that I'd have to buy something in order to get the photo card. Seriously.

    Fortunately, in 1986 that was no longer the case. It was no purchase necessary for the card & coupon.

    Believe it or not, I am trying to get all of the team sets from the 1986 McDonald's set (even though I'm a "hockey guy"). The McDonald's set is probably the most comprehensive football set released in the 1980s.