30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blog Trade #4: Lifetime Topps Project

The 1984 Topps baseball set is a prime example of cards that I loved to collect as a kid. I remember running down to Long's to buy packs of this stuff looking for Ozzie Smith, Rickey Henderson, Rollie Fingers, and other childhood favorites.

It's my second favorite Topps' set from the 80's (1983 Topps is my favorite). I just love the dual picture design on the front, along with how the team name runs down the left side of the card. It also includes rookie cards of Don Mattingly and Darryl Strawberry... two hitters who made a huge impact on the hobby. There are also 2nd year cards of three hall of famers... Tony Gwynn (my favorite player), Ryne Sandberg, and Wade Boggs.

So... when I stumbled across a rack pack box of this stuff a few months back at the flea market, I swooped it up. I was able to pull the three most expensive cards from the box, so I decided to go ahead and build it.

#490 Cal Ripken Jr.
#182 Darryl Strawberry
#8 Don Mattingly

Then last Sunday, I came across this post over at Lifetime Topps Project. A few messages to each other and voila... I'm 21 steps closer to completing my set. Here are a couple of the highlights from the trade:

#259 Sparky Anderson
#391 Dale Murphy

In addition to the Topps cards, he threw in these three Tony Gwynn cards:

2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #1305
2000 SP Authentic "Supremacy" #S5
2000 SP Authentic "Midsummer Classic" #MC8

Twenty-one cards down... seventeen cards to go. Thanks for the great trade Charles... I'm glad we were able to help each other out.

If you happen to have any 1984 Topps baseball singles, please email me. I'm still looking for the following cards:

123, 271, 300 (Pete Rose), 450, 521, 632, 710, 725, 748

Today's question of the day:

What's your favorite Topps' baseball card set from the 80's?

Darn... my last day off, before I head back to the classroom. I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.


  1. The '84 Topps set is my fav 80's baseball set. The Mattingly certainly has something to do with that, but the overall design with the great font and color of those team names does it.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  2. While they're not showing up on my trade list (yet), it's possible that I may have a few of these! I'll be in front of my cards again tomorrow, and I'll let you know.

    Favorite Topps set of the '80s?

    You know, that's a tough one if we're talking regular issues. I agree with you that '83 is pretty classy (and probably has the best rookie class, too), but for whatever reason, it's the '80s set I have the fewest cards from. I have more '87 cards than any other year (surprise!). '80 was the first year I bought packs, so I've got the warm fuzzies for that, and '86 is gorgeous (if underwhelming on the big name cards, outside of the Traded set). I've also been getting kinda into '81 lately, though that's another one like '86 that doesn't get the "star power" attention and the photography is uneven (great in some cases, horrible in others).

    Aesthetically and sentimentally speaking, it's probably '86 (my first year as a "real" collector, rather than just a kid who beat up his baseball cards), though '80 is really close, because I learned baseball though that set.

    If we're doing non-regular issues, then '81 stickers may well be it because I'm *really* sentimental about it, but '86 regular Topps is still a much better looking set.

  3. Glad we could help each other out! Good luck on the last few cards for the set.

    Tough to tell my favorite - I think 1980 may have the nod because I've always been such a big Rickey fan. If I factor that out, 1983 is probably the winner - I really like that design, and it seems like the photography was much better in this set compared with the '80 set.

  4. Mine is 1986 Topps. No, it doesn't look like any special. The first baseball cards my father bought me were 1986 Topps, a Jose Canseco rookie and the Dodgers team set. I guess it's more sentimental than anything.

  5. Now I would probably saw 83 as well, or 86 because I like the simplicity.

    But as a kid, 89. It was really old to me, and it had Sheff's RC. Good enough for me.

  6. I've not collected a set yet, as I was born in 85, i'd be inclined to go for that, however i'm looking forward to 2011, the diamond Anniversary.

  7. charles - thanks buddy... my vacation is almost over... luckily we get two weeks off for xmas break ;-)

    scott - sounds good... would love to knock some cards out. i busted a bunch of 87 topps too... probably the most i've ever busted next to 91/92 ud basketball. the 86 set is slowly starting to grow on me... i had a guy offer a cello box of 86 topps to me for $20... if i can get him to sell it to me for $15... i'll build that set too.

    lifetimetopps - thanks again... i'm a huge rickey henderson fan and his rookie card would definitely be in my top 50 cards of all-time. one of these days, i'll be like charles and produce a list of my favorite cards.

    dodgerbobble - you're the 2nd person who said 1986... damn... maybe i will end up building this one too. the design is definitely growing on me.

    spastik - 89 topps? interesting call... i think that's one of those love em or leave em sets. it's not as bad as the 88 set... but it's definitely not one of my favorites. i guess that's what makes this hobby so special... different strokes for different folks.

    martyn - i'm looking forward to checking out the 60th anniversary set too... and 85 is a nice choice... not in my top 3, but very close. i love chasing down the puckett, gooden, clemens, and mcgwire rookies in the late 80's. great memories.

  8. I actually like '83-'85, but 1981 ranks high because it was the first year I bought cards. It's not the best set of the decade, but probably has the most meaning for me.

  9. Took me a little while to get back to you, sorry about that, but no luck on the '84 wants. If I come across more '84s, I'll let you know!

  10. Scott Crawford - No problem... I'll finish this set sooner or later.