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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sports Card Bust #23: Patrik Stefan

Anyone who has collected hockey cards during the late 90's knows the name: Patrik Stefan.

In 1998-99, Stefan averaged over a point per game in the IHL for the Long Beach Ice Dogs when he scored 11 goals and had 24 assists in 33 games. Unfortunately, his season was shortened after suffering a concussion.

This didn't scare away scouts, who still put him up on a pedestal. One coach called him a cross between Mike Modano and Sergei Fedorov.

Looking back at his stats, I'm not sure what all of the hype was behind him... but regardless the Atlanta Thrashers decided to draft Stefan with the number one pick in the 1999 NHL entry draft. He was chosen in front of the Sedin brothers (#2 and #3 picks), Henrik Zetterberg (210th pick), and one of my favorite goalies in the league, Ryan Miller (138th pick).

When I looked at his career stats, the first person I thought of was Alexandre Daigle, because at first glance you might not call him a bust. He played seven seasons and had 64 goals with 124 assists for a total of 188 points. Obviously these are not Hall of Fame stats, but I've seen much worse.

However, when you flash back to 1999 and you think about how many collectors lost out on their Stefan investments... then you realize how big of a bust this guy was. I probably have over 25 of his Chrome, Topps Premier, and Gold Label rookies sitting in soft sleeves and Card Savers. These days any of those can be picked up for $1 to $2 on COMC. My guess is that you probably could get these cards for less if you submitted a best offer.

How much did I lose on my investment? Who knows... but it's safe to say I was paying a lot more than $1 or $2 for them. Don't worry... I'm not complaining. I understand that these are the risks you take when you decide to invest in cards.

These days, I make very few "investment" purchases. I've learned from my mistakes and I mainly buy things for my PC's. And this beautiful Stefan autograph happens to be a part of my continuously growing Sports Card Bust PC.

Which leads me to today's question of the day: Do you ever collect for investment purposes? If so, what's the worst investment you've made? If not, have you at least ever regretted a sports card purchase?

Oh... if you've never seen this clip... here's a highlight from his last season in the NHL with the Dallas Stars. I wonder why Dallas didn't resign him the following season?

Have a happy Friday!


  1. No investments, but I bought a card for someone once about a week before they quit collecting that player. $15 plus shipping. That stung a bit haha.

  2. I don't collect to invest. I just collect because I enjoy it although I have been looking into prospecting recently so maybe I will start to invest a little.

    I think everyone who collects has regretted a purchase at some point. I regret most of the cards I bought in the first few months I started to collect. I just picked up anything I could and didnt have any specific goals. There's no particular card I regret since I was just picking up lots of random cards.
    I'm sure if you ask me the same question in a few months time I will have a different regret.

  3. I'm just starting so i want as mush cardboard for my cash, I've just picked up a card on COMC there was 1, at $5 BP$8 I went on this morning & one had appeared $2.99 so was good timing. I've just picked up a nice 1958 rookie of Ron Blackburn, I just noticed it at $1.25, I've not bothered making offers as the cards I've got were reduced enough. I've also picked up 1 for my new PC, a 1961 Nap Lajoie although there's a little crease. And auto's for my #1 PC, I'm kind of regretting not collecting earlier.

  4. I rarely buy cards for investment purposes. Actually, any card I buy there is some purpose other than investment (home town, collection, PC, nostalgia). I bought a few James Hardy UD Exquisite card over the last few months (wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, former 2nd round draft choice). I spent less than $3-$5 on each including shipping. Oh wait, he was cut by the Bills.

    You know you're bad if you're cut by the Bills.

    Great post tho Mark. Way to rehash all that for me. Months of therapy down the drain!!!!

  5. SpastikMooss & Tony Mc - You're smart... I wish I would have never invested in cards... I'm totally a PC person these days.

    Martyn - I'm addicted to COMC... the majority of my pickups come from there. However... shipping is getting pricey.

    Charles - I'm just paying you back for making me go out and spend all kinds of money chasing autographs you blog about. ;-)

  6. No investments, but I dropped $56 bones (money was a much less tight at that point, despite actually having less of it) on a Kosuke Fukudome card. It's probably one of his very best cards, but I throw up in my mouth a little and have to hide the sharp objects every time I think about how much I paid for it. :'(

  7. Lonestar - I feel your pain... if you don't mind me asking... which Fukudome card do you have? I collect him in my Japanese PC.