30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A New Project: Sports Jambalaya!

Who: A bunch of bloggers you already know:

sanjosefuji @ The Chronicles of Fuji

What: We've come together to discuss cricket, hobby issues, and just about anything else that's sports related. Each week there will be a different topic... where we'll each throw out our opinions, so that you can see a variety of point of views. We encourage you to come over, check it out, and throw in your own 2 cents.

Why: Because eight heads are better than one.

Where: http://www.sportsjambalaya.blogspot.com/

When: Head over there right now. This week's topic... NFL playoff predictions.


  1. I may not talk about Cricket as much as I'm more soccer or US sports based.

    However any biggish sport headline from the UK or Europe, I'll try and bring it to you.