30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hobby Hero #4: Mario @ Wax Heaven

A couple of years ago, I was browsing the internet looking for articles on sports cards when I strolled across Wax Heaven, a blog dedicated to my favorite hobby... collecting sports cards. I can't remember for sure... but it's probably safe to say that he was the first blog I ever read. In fact, I'm pretty sure I didn't know what a blog was until I started reading Wax Heaven.

If you've never checked it out, I encourage you to head over there right now. He doesn't post new stuff very often, however it's worth it to go back and read his past posts. Every once in awhile, I'll head over there and read about his Jose Canseco collection or his love for Pinnacle products. Wax Heaven has just about something for everyone... non sports posts, interviews, product reviews, videos, hobby news, 80's stuff, 90's stuff, and even modern stuff like this:

In fact... I first saw this video on his site around a year ago and knew I needed to pick up one of these for my collection.

Well... I received a package from COMC (a while back... before the contest) and inside was this:

Mario was right... these cards are sweet looking and if you don't have one yet... I encourage you to pick one up. The card is made up of five layers: back ground picture w/ x's on it (bottom), card board (to add depth), acetate picture (white jersey), card board (to add depth), and finally another layer of acetate on top (purple jersey).

These cards aren't serial numbered, but Upper Deck lists the print runs on their website. Reed is one of the most common ones with 100 copies being produced. I obviously wanted a Brett Favre, but there are only 10 copies out there and these can get pretty pricey. I placed a bid for $60 once and was outbid. Unfortunately, I can't find the final price... but it was out of my league.

So I settled for Ed Reed, because I was able to pick him up for a bargain price... plus he's one of the most dominant safeties in the history of the NFL. The guy can hit, catch, run, tackle, return punts, block punts... and just about anything else you ask him to do.

Here's a video of Ed making history:

By the way... today's Ed's birthday... so Happy Birthday Mr. Ed!

One last thing I want to share before I end this post... Some of you guys know about and even participated in my contest last month. What you might not know is that the contest was partially inspired by Mario. A little over a year earlier, he had an amazing contest where he was giving away autographs from UD's Spectrum of Stars set. He had people respond to questions... and if he liked your response... you won autographs.

I just went back and read the post where I won these two autographs and it cracked me up. If you're bored and would like to check it out... click here and scroll down. Ah... the memories of growing up Asian.

So here's today's question of the day: Have you ever checked out Wax Heaven? If so, what's your favorite post? If not, what's your problem?... get over there now!

So... thanks Mario for your contributions to our hobby. You're one of the reasons I started this blog.


  1. Thanks a lot Mark, as if I didn't have enough cards I'm trying to chase down!!! Now I want one of those SPx Shadow Box cards. Way to go. That'll be the last time I ever look at your sweet site again!!!

    JK, those look sweet. I've never seen them. I hope I can pick up a Buffalo Bills of Buffalo Sabres one. An auto one would be cool too. Any idea on a check list of players in the set. Thanks.

    Wax heaven was my intro to blogging. I loved that Mario covers all sports, product and companies.

    I like these two posts:



  2. Wax Heaven was sort of my intro to card blogging as well. Both he and Heartbreaking Cards posted about Wonderful Monds, which I found while doing research for a Great Name post when I was still with Outside the Boxscore:(http://completist.wordpress.com/2009/01/30/where-is-wonderful-terrific-monds/)
    I think I linked to that post in my Monds write up, and Monds was one of my very first write ups. That inspired me, eventually, to make my own blog, and to get back into card collecting again. So thanks Mario!

    Also, I agree that those shadowbox cards look sweet. But the cheapest I found in a quick search was like $17 plus shipping...yikes!

  3. Hey Mark, I saw this card when searching for something else and thought you might be interested. eBay iD #: 350337446097

  4. Yup, Mario was my reason for starting my blog too. He covered a lot of basketball stuff where others wouldn't.

    I don't know that I have a favorite post right off the bat, he was a great writer. In my profile, I have him listed as my inspiration for starting my site.

    Great guy. I'd like to meet him someday.

  5. Wax Heaven was the greatest blog going and I really miss it. I know its technically still going but its just not the same as it once was. I don't have a favourite post as they were all well written and informative.
    I hope that Mario works through his personal problems and starts writing again soon.

  6. charles - just returning the favor... do you know how many cards i've purchased b/c of your posts? btw... thanks... i'll be bidding on the assets lot. i need the juwan howard phone card.

    spastikmooss - yeah... they're pricey. i grabbed mine off of COMC w/ the "make an offer" option. i was able to pick the reed up for $10.

    g - it's amazing how many people he's influenced... mario is the man!

    tony mc - i still read the blog, but it's not the same. one of the things about mario was that he often posted 2 to 3 times a day. the effort he put into his blog was 2nd to none. but i understand that personal life comes before blog life and hopefully he gets through this difficult time.