30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, July 9, 2010

PC Spotlight #1: Anthony Randolph

On July 1st, I bought a seven card jersey lot of Anthony Randolphs for $15 on Sportscardforum.com. I originally purchased it to use as prizes and possibly trade bait for some of my students who collect Golden State Warriors cards.

The cards arrived at my house on Tuesday and I had a change of heart. I've always liked Randolph's potential and have considered collecting him in the past (along with Brandon Wright). The only problem is that he's so injury prone. But after checking out the cards and putting them together with the three other Randolph cards I own... I decided right then and there to start another PC... a Anthony Randolph PC. I was pretty excited and even went onto Checkoutmycards.com and purchased a refractor rookie of his.

The next day, I heard the trade rumors involving Randolph and David Lee. Simply put, if Lebron picked the Knicks... the deal would be off. If not, it was a green light. Well, we all know what happened last night and so it's official... Anthony Randolph is now a New York Knick.

And me... well... I've decided that I'm going to finish what I've started and chase Anthony Randolph under the following conditions.

a. I'm only chasing his 2008/09 cards.
b. I want each of his true rookie cards.
c. I'll also collect his refractors, memorabilia cards, and autographs.
d. I won't chase anything that's numbered 25 or less.
e. I'm not going to collect any multi-player cards.

So, if you have some Randolphs that fit this criteria, check out my bucket and let me know if you're interested in trading. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hmmm. I'll check for you. But definetely worth starting a collection of him. Great player. And better story.

  2. That's a good start. The Fleer card with the old school Worries jersey is really awesome. I have decided to pick up a few of his cards too simply because he's a NY Knick now. Good Luck with your collection.

  3. g moses - yeah... let me know if you have some of his stuff for trade.

    hoopography - thanks... I have an extra Randolph you can have. I'll email you.