30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fuji's Flea Market Finds #2

Where: Capitol Flea Market
What: A bag of cards, a tub of cards, a bag of GPK, & a few Becketts
How Much: $12

I love Gorrilla BBQ! If you live in the Bay Area and you've never had it before, then you need to drive yourself to Pacifica right now! Their BBQ sauce is delicious and for under $23, you get three types of meat, two sides, and a drink.

My friend and I went on Thursday and I chose beef ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, mac n' cheese, grilled zucchini, and a bottle of water. I was only able to eat about a third of my order, so I took the rest home. Yesterday, I finished off the leftovers and was left feeling like a fat pig.

So this morning, I decided to walk off some of the calories at the local flea market. I'm glad I did, because I walked away with one awesome PC additions, a few pieces of trade bait, and a ton of cards for my students.

Here's the breakdown of my purchases:

1st Purchase: Garbage Pail Kids - 104 cards for $2

I've mentioned before in a previous blog that I love these cards. All of them were pretty beat up, but I just couldn't pass up a brown paper bag filled with Garbage Pail Kids from the 80's.

2nd Purchase: Beckett Magazines - 4 issues for $2

A lady had a stack of early 90's Becketts and wanted 50 cents each, so I picked out these 4:

Jerry Rice/Jeff George (July 1991)
Barry Sanders/Derrick Thomas (August 1991)
Cal Ripken Jr./Bobby Bonilla (May 1991)
George Brett/Kevin Maas (February 1991)

I'm excited about seeing the change in values and trends over the past 20 years. These might not be collectibles, but they'll provide around an hour of toilet reading for me.

3rd Purchase: A Small Bag of Cards - a little over 400 cards for $1

In the bag were the following:

2005 Bowman Chrome Football - 19 rookie cards (1 red refractor & 1 copper refractor)

2006 SPx Football - 7 rookie cards (all #'d to 1299)

Plus there were a bunch of other cards that I'm putting into team bags. I'll give these away to my students this week.

3rd Purchase: A Tub of Cards - a few cards in top loaders, penny sleeves, plastic cases, and of course a bunch that were not protected at all - $7

This is by far the best deal of the day. When I first saw this, I noticed a 86/97 Fleer Michael Cooper card in a semi-rigid. I asked the gentlemen how much he wanted for the card and he said, 50 cents or $10 for the whole tub. I asked if he would take $5 for the tub and he settled for $7.

So here's what I found in the tub:

a. A bunch of commons, semistars, and star cards that I'll be giving away to my students.

b. 1995 Pacific Mariners Set - 50 cards (6 Griffeys & 2nd Year A-Rod)

c. 86/87 Fleer Basketball - 12 cards (Iceman, Bernard King, Michael Cooper,+ 9 Rookies)

d. Random Rookies - 69 rookie cards (including O'neal, Webber, Penny, & Hill)

e. Random Insert/Parallels - 82 cards

f. 2 Vintage Car
ds (1977 Hostess Joe Morgan & 75/76 Topps Rick Barry & Walt Frazier LL)

g. 1 Autographed Card (94/95 Classic Hockey David Sacco)

h. And last, but not least... my favorite card of the lot... A 93/94 Fleer Ultra "Power in the Key" #2 Michael Jordan

I had a blast sitting down for 2 hours sorting the following cards into stacks and putting everything into penny sleeves. Most of the stuff will be given away with the team bags mentioned earlier, but some of the stuff will be added to my tradelist. I was even able to find a few cards that will go into my personal collection (the 86/87 Fleer & the Jordan insert).


  1. First off, that food looked awesome!!!!!

    Looks like you got some good deals. I love looking at old Becketts. Those Garbage Pail cards are the best. Sooo much fun. Can never go wrong with '87 Fleer. Finally, that Jordan Power in the Key card is one of my all-time favorites. Its such a great looking card. Good Stuff Mark!!!!

  2. Thanks Charles... I was pumped to see that Jordan & the Fleer basketball. The rest was a bonus. My students are going to be pumped tomorrow.