30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hobby Hero #3 : Colin Tedards (Sports Card Radio)

My definition of a hobby hero is a person who has a positive impact on the sports card collecting community. Colin Tedards and his brother Ryan produce one of the best sports card podcasts on iTunes, called Sports Card Radio. On the show, Colin discusses hobby news, scouting reports, product reviews, contests, and provides guest interviews.

In addition to this podcast, Colin and Ryan also run a online forum for collectors called, Sports Card Radio Fan Forum. I encourage all collectors to sign up on there if you're interested in meeting other collectors for discussions, trading, group breaks, or if you want an opportunity to win some free cards.

I think that both of these guys are great influences on our hobby, because they spend a lot of their personal time and finances into bringing collectors together. They're both always positive and their generosity is second to none. I've never seen so many free group breaks and card giveaways.

Here are just of few of the highlights from their box breaks:

Card #1: Seattle Mariners Franchise History (Free Topps Series 2 box break - Mariners)

Card #2: Antawn Jamison Panini R&S "Red Parallel" #'d 098/250 (Free box break - Wizards)

Card #3: Luis Durango on card autograph (Free 2010 Chicle break - A's, Padres, & Mariners)

Card #4: Alex Rodriguez Allen & Ginter bat relic #'d 8/25 ($5 box break - 3 team: Yankees, Mariners, & Tigers)

Thanks Colin & Ryan for everything you do for the hobby. You're heroes in my book!

Podcast: Sports Card Radio
Forum: Sports Card Radio Forum
Ryan's Blog: Sports Card Report


  1. I've always wondered what Sports Card Radio is all about. I will have to checkout that podcast. Plus, I really like their logo. It's really clean and the orange makes it pop.

    That A-Rod card is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Charles... no doubt, check out their podcast. I listen to it on my commute to work. I was stoked to get that bat card... now I've got to decide if I'm going to keep it or trade it. Decisions... decisions.

  3. Thats a tuff one. Let me know if you decide to trade it.

  4. I know... right now it's sitting in my PC pile... but I'm not a big fan of Rodriguez or the Yankees... so we'll see.