30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Drove down to Vegas and spent a few days with Papa Fuji.  It was hot, but it was nice to hang out with him in person for the first time in sixteen months.  Not exactly a highlight from the trip, but I'm pretty sure we saw a lady of the night while walking to the Beef Jerky Store located right off of Fremont Street.

Side note... if you are ever in the area and need to grab delicious treats for gifts or consumption, I highly recommend this place.  We never leave there empty-handed.

Anyways... figured Hump Day and my recent encounter was a sign to finally show off a Target purchase I made a few weeks ago.  They might not have blasters on their shelves, but I saw this hanging up in the toy aisle, cracked up, and threw it into my basket.

Yeah... I know... you're not here for toys.  Let's switch gears and focus on cards...

My post-pandemic sports card purchases are a fraction of what they used to be... but I did grab two things off of eBay recently.  The first was an autograph I have been seeking for quite some time that completed a set... while the other was a complete set purchase inspired by a fellow blogger.  I'll share those in the near future.

In the meantime... here are a few female athletes and entertainers for your viewing pleasure...

2013 Calbee Japan National Team Card #3

2014 Allen & Ginter #119

2016 Topps WWE NXT Prospects #23

2012 Produce Trading Card #RG76

2004 Sports Illustrated for Kids #406

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


  1. Ha. Apparently there was a company named Hooker that made car parts. I don't think that explains the hearts though.

    I remember Finch. Not familiar with those other women.

  2. That Japan soccer shirt with the pink stripe down the front is an interesting design. You don't normally get one thing stripe like that.

  3. Hooker Headers are legendary, but that has to be the best segway to them I've ever seen.

    Is that a card set about lettuce?

  4. Glad you were able to make to Vegas to see Papa Fuji. And wait, you're telling me there's an entire store dedicated to beef jerky? Sounds exquisite!

  5. Love the van. An old school van seems appropriate. lol And great ladies and cards.

  6. Hmm. That Hooker van didn't stay in Vegas. You're breaking the rules, Fuji!

    Also, that's quite a sandwich that young lady is scarfing down on the produce card.

  7. You want the relic version of Ms. Day? Hit me up

  8. Despite having spent a long time immersed in the Japanese card collecting world I have to admit to having difficulty understanding the concept behind the "Produce trading cards" set. Is it just cards with pictures of people eating?

  9. I like the girl with the mouth full on that produce card, lol.

  10. sumomenkoman - happy friday buddy!

    elliptical man - not familiar with the two japanese women either. but day was on a show called the guild (pretty awesome if you enjoy video games) and royce is this cute wrestler. i don't follow wwe actively, but i've seen her a few times over the years.

    jongudmund - i have the men's jersey from that era... and it looks very similar without the pink stripe.

    billy kingsley - i figure if hot wheels is creating something for them, they have to be legit. based on my binder... it's a set centered around this japanese singer/actress. the other cards have her wearing more revealing outfits

    p-town tom - it's a great store (although they don't carry this brand of jerky i really liked anymore). they also have other treats you'd find in hawaii.

    bulldog - yeah, the 70's van was the perfect choice.

    gregory - lol. technically... i bought the hooker van in san jose. and she seems to be enjoying it.

    gca - if you're looking to give her a new home, i'd provide it for her. i enjoyed her on "the guild", but don't know much about her outside of that.

    sean - lol. it's actually a set featured around this women who is a singer/actress. i think this is the only card featuring her with food. i think subconsciously i picked this card on purpose to throw people off.

    johnnys trading spot - me too. i can appreciate a woman who enjoys a hearty sandwich

    john sharp - happy friday!