30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Living the Dream

A few weeks ago, bloggers around the card collecting blogosphere were busy writing about their Favorite Card of 2018 for P-town Tom's contest.  I confessed to all of my readers that I was hankering for a BJ.  Well I found one on the internet and it was very satisfying.

Feast your eyes on the latest addition to my Archives Fan Favorites autograph collection:

2018 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Autograph #FFA-BJ

BJ and I have a lot in common.

We both love baseball, looking at statistics, and writing.  These three passions have turned him into one of the most famous baseball statisticians out there.  Me?  Well... it's turned me into a card collector who has a blog.  See.  We're both living the dream!

Okay... it's your turn.

What are three things you're passionate about?

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Hmmm...wasn't that long ago that sports would have been on my list but I find myself less enthused about following games as time goes by. Now I'd say, family life, the hobby and music.

  2. I'm passionate about doing the right thing and being happy about it, family, and baseball cards.

  3. Among my passions besides my family and faith, are baseball, reading, and card collecting.

  4. Besides my family and faith, I would say baseball/baseball cards, making customs of cards that Topps missed to complete their sets, and playing the piano/writing music/music theory (sorry, I just couldn’t narrow it to 3, so I combined a few).

  5. Music (the arts),baseball,childhood.

  6. I'm going to make it a little general with my answer... I'll say the Browns, music (both listening to it, and singing in my choir), and gaming (board games, cards, and role-playing games).

    Sweet card!

  7. Baseball/ baseball statistics, faith, and reading.
    P.S I'm a big Bill James fan.

  8. 1. Making a difference in the lives of our youth (through math and life lessons)
    2. Baseball
    3. Doing the right thing
    Good question... and congrats on the win from the contest!

  9. This isn't answering your question, but I'm reading a Bill James book right now "Whatever Happened to the Hall of Fame?" which I am finding to be quite a fun read. A nice mixture of the History of the Hall itself, some of the early voting methods, and a fair amount of comparisons between players.

  10. First off, I am a big fan of Bill James, math, and statistics. I have looked at his autographs before, think he might have been in Ginter too, but I need to follow through and get one of these.

    What things am I passionate about:

    1. Family
    2. The kids I teach/have taught at school
    3. Self-improvement
    4. Baseball/Baseball Cards

  11. Baseball cards, music, happy times with loved ones

  12. Family, sumo/sumo cards, ultimate frisbee.

  13. 3 things I'm passionate about?

    1. My card collection (surprise)
    2. Updating my house (an ongoing adventure)
    3. Traveling/going to new places (don't get to do enough of that)

  14. Very nice pickup! I'm glad you finally got the card. I think my three are similar to others: family, reading/research, and baseball.

  15. good for you Fuj! Outside of relationships, I'd say the hobby, reading and music.

  16. Baseball
    25 other things that I'm spread a bit thin on.

  17. commishbob - family is important. music too.

    john miller - passionate about doing the right thing is very cool. my father drilled that into my age from a very young age.

    tshenson - i'd love to be more passionate about reading. just finished my first book of 2019 last night ;)

    jeremya1um - your customs are awesome. keep up the great work!

    big tone - not kenner starting lineups? ;) j/k

    angus - i've always wanted to get into role playing games. i've got a co-worker who's into it. maybe one day, i'll give it a shot.

    gtt - like george michael said... you gotta have faith, faith, faith.

    p-town tom - great stuff. all 3 are very high on my list as well.

    brian - sounds like an interesting book. any plans to write a book review on your blog? #wishfulthinking

    snorting bull - sounds like you, p-town, and i have a lot in common

    defgav - how far down the list is your passion for making awesome customs? or was that included with "baseball cards"

    sumomenkoman - ultimate firsbee? nice. haven't played in years... but it was a lot of fun

    robert - i'd love to one day travel more often myself.

    peter k steinberg - i truly wish i was more passionate about reading

    julie owens - another vote for reading. shaking my head. i'm so jealous

    adam kaningher - food rules! that's very high on my list as well.

  18. 1.) The stories I'm attempting to write (one space opera, one epic fantasy, both isekai, because I have a sickness 😂).
    2.) Original art. Both my own and what I collect (sketch cards and larger pinups).
    3.) Making the world a safer place for trans/gender nonconforming/intersex/etc people.

    One and two can also be deployed in service of three.