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Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Whole Lot of Gravy

One of my favorite blog series of 2018 was The Collector's Sports Card Tour, where he'd target a city and write about their sports teams and sports cards.  It was cool to read about the different players he's collected over the years as well as his thoughts on the sports town itself.  Each post along his fifty-one city tour was very entertaining, educational, and motivated me to sit down and think about which athletes I've enjoyed collecting across the four major sports (and soccer) in North America.

If that weren't enough, he turned the whole series into a interactive contest, where you'd receive points by leaving comments.  Participants took turns picking prizes from his huge pool of goodies.  I happened to have the first pick in the contest, so I grabbed this card:

1977 TCMA Renata Galasso #20

I had just seen this card on someone's blog and was very excited to have the opportunity to own my very own copy.  But Jackie wasn't alone, he brought along a bunch of friends:

There was an even larger stack of 1979 TCMA 50's:

Here's a closer look at what these cards look like:

1979 TCMA 50's #49

This prize package sure boosted my 70's baseball card binder.

After everyone selected their first prize package, he offered up a second one.  I grabbed a medium flat rate box of baseball cards:

I didn't take the time to count the cards, but I'd estimate that The Collector sent over 2,000 baseball cards.  It took me about an hour to sift through all of it.  When I was finished, I had pulled out a handful of inserts and oddballs for my binders as well as these two cool rookie cards:

The rest will be taken to my classroom and either handed out to students or used as samples for my civil rights leaders trading card project.

Thank you so much Chris (a.k.a The Collector) for writing this amazing blog series and for hosting this very generous contest.  Your name has been added to The Hit List, which essentially means that I owe you one.

Until then...

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


Matt said...

I enjoyed his series and will be posting my mail day soon as well

night owl said...

Gah, that was my prize package!!!!! I've lusted after the '77 Galasso Greats since I was a little kid staring at her ads in Baseball Digest.

I haven't had the time to sift through my (consolation) prize. I know it's filled with 1990 Donruss, so it can sit there for a bit.

Billy Kingsley said...

Aww, I was kind of hoping to see actual tubs of gravy at that dealer who had the expired pasta a few weeks back.

SumoMenkoMan said...

Very generous and great package! That box of cards is going to be fun to sort through for sure!

Chris said...

The good stuff is on the bottom layer. Although your definition of "good stuff" may vary, I can assure you it's not all junk wax.

Chris said...

I'm thrilled you enjoyed the series - and that you found some cards you can use in the box. Have to admit, I cringed a little when you picked these prizes, only because you've got so many high-quality cards and I didn't think this would meet your standards. Nice of you to pay it forward as well.

Nick said...

Galasso AND TCMA? That's a prize package from cardboard heaven!

defgav said...

Good stuff. Had that Galasso lot still been available when it came my turn to pick, it would have been my first choice. But I'm still happy with what Chris sent me, and need to work up a post soon.

Fuji said...

Sport Card Collectors - If someone ends up handing out Blogger Awards, that series better be one of the nominations.

night owl - Sorry buddy. I saw your comment on his contest. He sent some doubles of the 1979 TCMA 50's cards. Can you use any of those? Unfortunately... there weren't any doubles of the '77 Galasso Greats.

Billy Kingsley - Oh man. Can you imagine? I didn't go back to that flea market yet. But if I do, I'll look for those tubs of gravy for you.

SumoMenkoMan - It was. Spent about an hour sifting through the stuff.

Chris - That series was awesome! Very creative and informative. You did an awesome job! I have a deep appreciation for cards as a whole. That Jackie Robinson might not be worth a lot of money, but it's priceless in terms of its beauty. I'm super excited to add all of those TCMA cards to my binders. They're gorgeous! Thanks again for the contest.

Nick - Sounds like you, Night Owl, defgav, and I have something in common. A deep appreciation for Galasso and TCMA.

defgav - Looks like if I didn't grab it, Night Owl would have taken it. Can't wait to read your write up.

P-town Tom said...

Ha! I was thinking exactly the same thing!