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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Stop the Insanity!

When I first started seeing Gavin's custom rip cards popping up all over the blogosphere... I began crossing my fingers and hoping I was one of the lucky recipients for a few reasons:

#1:  Gavin's customs are awesome.

#2:  It would be a new Tony Gwynn card for my collection.

#3:  I wanted one of the sweet mini magnet cards everyone else was finding inside of their rip cards.

Yesterday, I finally opened up Gavin's care package and my wish was granted.

Back in 1998... collectors who purchased packs of Pinnacle Zenith were faced with the same dilemma that Gavin presented all of us.  Do we keep these creative custom cards intact?  Or do we rip them open to see what secret miniature card is embedded within it?

Obviously he wanted us to rip them... and it's not very wise to go against the creator's wishes.  However... sometimes you've got to take a stand and follow that feeling in your gut.  And that's exactly what I did.

Sorry Gavin... but I refuse to "rip".

After seeing P-Town Tom mutilate his card... I just had to stop the insanity and try something different.  That's when I took out my box cutter and used the same technique on my Gwynn... as I did with those Dare to Tear cards nearly two decades ago.

The result?  See for yourself.  Here's what I discovered inside of my rip card:

A new 1/1 for my Gwynn PC.  Sorry Mr. Refrigerator... this magnet is going into the Gwynn collection... right next to this completely intact rip card:

And this custom San Diego State Aztecs card:

Thank you Gavin for the awesome new additions to my Gwynn PC.  I also really appreciate the other three cards you sent:

Hopefully my holiday care package arrived safely on your doorstep in time for your special day.

Happy birthday Gavin!  To everyone else... happy holidays and sayonara!


defgav said...

Glad you like, Fuji! That Gwynn magnet was among my favorites.
Yep, I got your package (Thanks!) and will post about it this coming week. Happy Holidays!

harada57 said...
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