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Monday, December 12, 2016

Decisions... Decisions...

Have you ever walked into McDonald's and there's a guy in line who keeps letting people go in front of him, because he can't figure out what he wants?  That's me.  I'll go into McDonald's thinking I want a Filet-O-Fish and end up walking out with a Big Mac.  The same thing applies to sports cards, because that's who I am... Mr. Indecisive.

That's why if you ever check out my collection on my website... you'll see I collect a little bit of everything.  Vintage?  Yup.  Autographs?  I've got them too.  Sets?  You betcha.  I've got team PC's, player PC's, non-sport PC's, hometown PC's.  Heck... I even collect damaged cards.

Honestly... sometimes it's very challenging for me to decide which collection I want to spend my hard earned money on.  But last night, when P-town Tom asked us to write a post about our favorite 2016 card, it was one of the easier decisions I've had to make.

2016 Topps Strata Signature Patch cards are one of the coolest sets I've seen in recent years.  They're essentially Upper Deck Shadow Box knockoffs, which combine an on-card autograph and a swatch of game worn jersey encapsulated within multiple layers of acetate.  The end result gives off a three dimensional look that is truly gorgeous.

Back n August, I rolled the dice and purchased a redemption card off of eBay for the Rickey Henderson card.  I immediately turned around and redeemed it.  About a month later, I received this in the mail:

Isn't it awesome?  I was very happy with this purchase... even if it was pricier than 99% of my single card purchases.  In hindsight... I actually got a pretty good deal.  Recently collectors have had to pay over $125 for their copies.  However... I was fortunate enough to pick this card up for only $73.88 (+ $2.75 shipping).  But it's not really about the money... since this card won't be leaving my Rickey Henderson collection anytime soon.

Okay... it's your turn.

What's your favorite 2016 card?

If you're willing to write up a short post explaining your answer, you can enter a contest over on P-town Tom's blog.  Just leave a link in his comment section.

I look forward to reading everyone's responses.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. The Bobby Ryan 'puppy' card out of 2016 Upper Deck hockey made a late run and took the title as my favourite card of the year. A great card where it tells a story beyond just a photo.

  2. I haven't seen the Strata signature patch cards yet. I bet it looks even better in hand!

  3. I am going with Donruss Soccer's Angel Di Maria's Picture Perfect insert card-it really does show the majesty of Soccer-the running at full stride the horizontal format the colors.

  4. That is an awesome Rickey auto! MLB network is doing a Rickey Henderson special on the 20th(I think?), if you're interested.

    I'm like you, I collect a little bit of everything. Sometimes I wish I could concentrate on one sport, or one team, or one set. I could probably have an entire set of high-grade vintage cards if I didn't collect so many different things! :/

  5. Nice card...thanks for the heads up and I have just the card for it....it'll be Japanese of course!

  6. Oh man..,so much envy over here with that Rickey card...so beautiful!

    His auto cards are tough for me. I always end up bidding on them and thinking I have a chance, only to get blown away at the last minute.

    Great card, love it!

  7. What an amazing card. This Rickey collector is envious but glad a true Rickey fan has it in his collection. I can relate to you as an eclectic collector as well - where to spend my focus (and money) is something I contemplate often and lately it has been on my vintage sets. Figuring out my favorite 2016 may take a little effort but I will give it a shot.

  8. 2016 wasn't a great year for Pirate cards. My favorites are usually the short stay Pirates that are an Update.

  9. Ooh, that Strata patch/auto combo is nice! Gotta love a redemption like that. I am going to have to put on my thinking cap for this one to determine my favorite card of 2016.