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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It's Not You... It's Me

Oh man... that title kind of makes me feel like one of my dramatic middle school girls.  But "click bait" is "click bait".  Don't worry... I promise I won't annoy you will anything too dramatic.  I'll try to keep things sweet and simple.

I'm officially removing myself from the Super Trader's group.  The group itself is an awesome idea and I really enjoyed swapping cardboard with fellow collectors.  Unfortunately there are a few things that prevent me from being a committed member.

#1: Cards

My quality trade bait inventory is almost entirely depleted.  A few years ago, I picked up a few collections at the flea market... which gave me some solid inventory.  Most of that inventory has now been sent or handed out and I have no immediate plans to restock.

#2: Time

This is going to sound selfish... but it's important to keep things real.  Time is valuable.  And I'm not exactly sure what the deal is... but there really aren't enough hours in the day for me to do everything that needs to be done.  And although I enjoy and can find time to build trade packages... driving down to the post office and standing in long lines aren't high on the priority list.

I used to do this at least once a week.  Then... I scaled things back and was going to the post office once or twice a month.  These days... I only go once every two to three months.

#3:  Commitment

It's important to make commitments in life.  It keeps me "honest" and focused.  But when it comes to trade packages, it can often become overbearing.

People who have traded with me in the past can tell you that it often takes me weeks (let's keep it real... months) to hold my end of the bargain.  That's totally not cool.  I feel bad.  Eventually the number of packages I owe start adding up... along with the stress.  

When I'm finally able to... I'll build the packages, ship them out, and it's like the greatest weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

I'm not sure if this kind of "commitment" is healthy for me at this particular point in my life.

So "where do we go from here" (Alan Parsons Project, anyone)?  Well...

#1:  Secret Santa

I'm excited to be participating in this year's Secret Santa event.  It actually felt really good to go out and shop for my person.  Hopefully they'll enjoy the items I picked out.  I'll be shipping out their package next week, so it'll arrive sometime during the week before Christmas.

#2:  Future Care Packages

I will continue to pick up cards for specific bloggers' collections and build "care packages"... with no strings attached.  So if you receive anything from me... understand that it's a gift... not another trade commitment.

#3:  Future Blogger Trades

I haven't actively traded specific cards for other specific cards in years... and honestly have no plans on starting anytime soon.  My trade lists are outdated and inaccurate.  Will I ever update them?  Probably.  In fact, I have another blog set aside for writing about individual cards available for trade.  But for now... I'm not looking to create any new trades.

I'll wrap things up with this message:

I love this hobby.  I love collecting sports cards.  I love writing posts and reading your responses.  I love reading your blog posts and leaving comments.

But at this junction in my life... I'm just not fit to be a member of the totally awesome Super Traders group.

Happy holidays... happy Tuesday... and sayonara!


  1. I hear you, Fuji. I have tons of cards I *could* send out, but I'm pretty sure that the SuperTraders group members really don't need another 1989 Topps card for their favorite team.

    Just don't stop blogging, buddy. We'll keep trading.

  2. It's funny...I used to think I had a lot of cards available...then I read some of the super traders posts, and I was quickly disabused of that notion! I understand your reasoning completely as I can feel overwhelmed with just one big trade...when you can't find some specific cards it makes it much worse.

  3. I'm with you Fuji. I removed myself from the group as well. It was fun and I made some new trade partners (including yourself) but for all the reasons you detailed above, I decided it was time to leave the group. I'm still going to send stuff out here and there but nowhere near as frequent. The one thing I don't think you mentioned was money. It costs a lot of scratch to send trade packages and sending a lot out at a time can definitely add up really fast. You're in my directory now as benefit of being a part of the group like myself and you never know when I might send over a care package as well.

  4. Here's a thought.. Refresh the Super Traders group every year, not have it be a permanent thing. So like, if you got a certain team in 2016, give another guy a chance in 2017. Or if you got burned out like Fuji here, you can take a year (or more) off.

  5. Being part of a trade group sounds fun, but I'm not sure I could sustain a pile of cards to trade consistently. Sounds like you made a sound and logical choice.

  6. I have a group of traders I trade with. Like 8. It's not a super group and there are no scheduled trades. Trade when you can when youwant

  7. Who is going to get this big pile of Rickey Henderson 1/1's I had ready for you..... :) I kid, I kid.

  8. tony l - i'll keep blogging if you do. i can see myself still writing about cards 10 years from now. not sure if i'll be able to maintain one hundred something posts a year... but i'll try.

    billy kingsley - in a perfect world, we'd all be able to pass off cards of teams we don't collect for teams we do collect in equal amounts. unfortunately it's not that way. but it was fun while it lasted.

    adam sanders - yeah... sounds like we're exactly on the same page with each other.

    defgav - great idea. it would specifically be beneficial to those collectors who have teams with lots of other fans (ex. dodgers, yankees, and even the padres). i'm not sure if there someone to step up... but the a's are now available.

    r laughton - yeah, you'd be surprised how fast your trade bait supply evaporates

    sport card collectors - sounds like a great group. honestly... the goal is to find a group that suits you. the super traders are a great bunch of guys who enjoy cards. if i was constantly restocking my trade bait, i'd probably find a way to get down to the post office and stay in the group.

    matthew scott - don't worry mr. scott. you'll always be the recipient of my pirates. as for those henderson 1 of 1's... if you ever end up pulling any... throw them on eBay (i'll probably bid on them) and buy yourself a nice tekulve for your collection. on the other hand, i don't mind you sending over any cheap oddballs of the man of steal you have laying around.

  9. Fuji, sad to see you go, but completely understand!

    If there is a taker for the As, send me a link to your blog. There is a contact form on my blog.

  10. I totally understand the reasons and sometimes feel the same way about various commitments. Like you it has been a long time since I've done a specific card for a specific card trade. Mostly because I don't have the current superstars or types of cards most collectors are looking for and many of my PC players are older vets who played in the 1960s and 70s so it is harder to find some of their cards even recently made ones. Through the how many years its been since I've been following your blog, there are many many areas of the hobby that we have similar views, even a few shared PC players.

  11. andy - thanks. just discovered your blog and added you to my reading list. look forward to future posts.

    captkirk42 - great minds think and collect alike... right buddy?