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Monday, June 15, 2015

Flea Market Finds #84: Here Comes The Sun

When it comes to summer... I truly have mixed emotions.  On one hand, I get a chance to switch gears and teach fifth graders... which is awesome, because they're like a breath of fresh air.  On the other hand... I hate the heat.

I'm serious.  I like sticker autographs more than 90º temperatures.  The good news is as long as it doesn't reach triple digits, it's pretty good treasure hunting at my local swap meets.

Here are my latest finds...

Purchase #1:  Abbey Road LP  $5

No name.  No title.  Just one of the most iconic album covers of all-time.

Purchase #2:  2009 Las Vegas 51's Cosmo SGA Bobblehead  $2

Bobbleheads are cool.  Mascots are cooler.  Bobbleheads of mascots are the coolest.

Purchase #3:  1995 Fax-Pax Presidents Flash Cards  $1

I love stumbling across cards I've never seen before.  In this particular case, I almost walked away without checking them out... but after taking a few steps away... I turned around and decided to see what they were.

Inside there were forty-one flash cards that look like this:

They're a little larger than your standard trading card, but I have no problem adding this card to my Ronald Reagan collection.

Purchase #4:  WWII Japanese Airplane Models  $4

Two more models for my Japan PC.  The seller had a bunch of sealed model airplanes for $2 each.  I probably should have bought them all and flipped them at my next flea market, but I was too lazy to carry them.

Purchase #5:  Nike Team USA Hockey Jersey  $15

I normally avoid purchasing clothing at the flea market, however this was too good of a deal to pass up.  Unfortunately... it's a little too big and way too warm to wear right now.  Did I mention how much I hate the heat?

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. I like the Presidents the best.

  2. ...and I say "It's all right"... Not that I don't love Abbey Road in general, but Side Two might be my favorite album side of all time.

    ...And it says volumes about the Beatles that 4 of their albums don't have the band's name on the front of the album. (Rubber Soul, Revolver, Abbey Road, Let It Be).

    Mascot bobbleheads are cool, but Cosmo is a little too Jar-Jar for me.

    Love the Japanese models!

  3. Abbey Road might just be my favorite album of all-time. For $5, that is an excellent find!

  4. Great buy Fuji. I have Abbey road in many formats. 2 lp's, reel to reel, 8 track, cassette and three different cd versions.

  5. Very cool pick ups. Whoa a mascot bobblehead for only $2? Most bobbleheads of any type start around $20 very minimum, mascots usually around $50 or so depending on the team they are of and the age of the piece. I can't find the Racing Presidents for under $50 for just one of them. Most of the time those guys go for $100 and Up Each and about $200 or more for the full set of 4 (they were made before Bill Taft joined the race)

  6. I'm not a hockey fan, but that is a steal for that jersey. Awesome find.

  7. I am with shlabotnikreport, I thought it was Jar-Jar at first. Damn it, George Lucas has screwed so many things up with Phantom Menace. I would happily take 90 degrees, we hit 108 yesterday and our forecast for Tuesday is 111 degrees.

  8. Yay, you used LP not Album,
    Gnik Nus

  9. john miller - it's a beautiful set (if you can call it a set)

    shlabotnik - i pretty much picked up this album purely for the cover. i like the Beatles... but none of my favorite songs are on this particular one. P.S. I thought of Jar-Jar too when I picked it up.

    anthony - it's definitely one of my favorite album covers of all-time. i just need to get one of those album frames, so i can hang it up.

    mr. hoyle - nice. so you collect vintage LP's to go along with all of those awesome vintage cards. very nice.

    capt kirk - looks like this guy goes for around $15 to $20 on eBay. although, you inspired me to do some research. found out that only 2,500 of these were handed out. that's pretty scarce compared to MLB standards.

    jupiterhill - i honestly felt like that was the best deal out there. totally surprised that someone else didn't buy it before i got there.

    corky - those temperatures are insane. my parents live in Vegas, so when i visit them during the summer... i usually only stay 2 or 3 days before i have to come home. as weird as it sounds... they love the heat.

    mj - gotta admit, i use both terms. as for gin nus... had to look that up. weird, yet interesting song.

    sports card collectors - thanks!

  10. I have three albums in frames over my desk, one of them is Abbey Road. Excellent choice.