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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm Sexy & I Know It!

Move over Ryan Reynolds... there's a new Deadpool in town.  And his name is Fuji.

On Saturday, I was walking around the Serramonte Mall Show when I saw a small crowd gathered around a table.  This guy was drawing a sketch for a customer and everyone watching was in awe.  I couldn't really see what he was drawing and didn't want to waste any time, so I decided to come back when things settled down.

His name is Bordin "Mark" Marsinkul and he told me a little about himself, while he was finishing a sketch for another customer.  

It's pretty amazing the talent some people have.  His ability to draw
 personalized, high quality colored sketches in less than 20 minutes is mind boggling.  I knew right away, I had to have one.

For $25, you get a 8.5" x 11" colored, personalized sketch.  The hardest part was deciding who I wanted drawn.  But after a few minutes of deliberation, I settled on my favorite comic book character:  Deadpool.

He starts out by taking a picture of you on his phone, which he then uses to draw a pencil sketch.  

After you're okay with that, he begins outlining everything with black marker.  

Then, he goes to work with his suitcase of 
colored pens.  

And finally, he wraps things up by adding the fine details to the sketch.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my buddy thought I was crazy to pay that much for a colored drawing.  But the way I see it, I'm now the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind, personalized ink drawing of my favorite comic book character.

Here's a photo of Marsinkul with the finished project:

If you're interested in seeing more of his creations, head over to his Facebook Page or if you're interested in checking out his comic book, Zacklin... go to his website:  hyperbooster Studios.

Who's your favorite comic book character?

Or if you're not into comics...
Who would you have chosen to get a drawing of?

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


  1. Umm, Either Bluntman or Chronic! (Chasing Amy)
    Have a Chris Getz, have South Park Fuji Auto Cards, so
    Bill Mazeroski hitting the 1960 WS Walk Off Homer

    1. Love me some Bluntman & Chronic... actually all of those Kevin Smith characters.

      Hmmm... never thought to ask him about sports figures. Maybe I'll have him do Jackie Robinson sliding into home.

  2. Batman. I didn't know there were any others.

    I'd be drawn at Billy Ripken holding a bat. ;-)

    1. Lol... the Ripken would be sweet! What would you want written on the knob? ;-)

  3. I would be drawn as the replacement ref that signaled an interception.

    1. Then you could sell it to me and I'd use it as toilet paper. As Charles Barkley would say... terrible... terrible... terrible.

  4. Either Flash Gordon or Green Lantern, but not the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern, the OG Alan Scott Green Lantern.

    1. Nice call... I was a huge Green Lantern fan growing up. But over the years, I've slowly crossed over to the Marvel side.

  5. 5-10 years ago, I would've said Spider-Man without a second thought. Now, I'm so completely sick to death of Marvel's endless series of "events" pitting one arbitrary group of heroes against another arbitrary group of heroes, and the only thing that changes is whatever is needed to kick off the next pointless "beating the snot out of each other" event, all while Norman Osborne grins nefariously in the shadowy background, because he, naturally, set the wheels turning on this back in Amazing Spider-Man #3.

    As for who I'd want to be now... I'd be tempted to go with someone from "Astro City" or "Top Ten", or even Casanova Quinn from "Casanova", but I'll go with The Tick, since he started out as an indy comic. SPOON!

    1. Looks like I need a refresher course in comics. Unfortunately, I've never heard of Astro City, Top Ten, or Casanova Quinn. But I think I remember The Tick!

  6. From about age 10-14 I read just about every title in the D.C. line. Batman/Detective, the 4 Superman Titles, JLA and JL Europe were my favorites. Reading comics was social suicide for a kid that age (thank god sports off-set that for me a little). Even other comic nerds looked down on me for reading DC instead of Marvel or Image.

    Top Ten
    1. Robin (Tim Drake)
    2. Guy Gardner (The GL, not "warrior" and whatever else he became)
    3. Superman
    4. Batman
    5. Booster Gold & Blue Beetle (I count them as one)
    6. Flash (Wally West)
    7. Red Tornado
    8. Wonder Woman
    9. Aquaman
    10. Martian Manhunter

    1. I was a total DC guy growing up... mainly b/c of the Justice League cartoon on Saturday mornings. But when the X-men cartoon came out in the 90's... I switched over to Marvel. One of my favorite cartoons ever.

  7. i was a dc guy growing up - loved the flash, superman, and the 'new' teen titans. fave was probably nightwing.

    as far the second question...ambush bug?

    1. Always wondered... was Nighwing related to Batman? I've never heard of Ambush Bug... but I'll go Google it right now.