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Monday, September 3, 2012

Domo Arigato: Jack, The Donruss Puzzle Guy

I re-entered the hobby back in 2008 and forced myself to have collecting goals and rules to help manage my spending and to avoid cluttering my residence.

One of those goals was to rebuild my
Tony Gwynn collection.  No, I have no intention of becoming a super collector featured in Beckett, who chases after everything.  I just want to collect as many different Gwynns in the most affordable fashion.

So far, I have over
600 different Gwynn cards housed in this binder:

The majority of those cards have been purchased off of eBay in large Tony Gwynn lots.  I've also purchased a few at card shows and at online stores.

But every now and then, I'll acquire them from other collectors.  Sometimes they're part of trades.  And other times they're gifts.

Jack (the Donruss Puzzle guy) hooked me up with three new additions to my Gwynn PC:

1986 Leaf #41 Tony Gwynn

This card has finally been reunited with his long lost, twin brother: 1986 Donruss #112 Tony Gwynn.

1987 Sportflics Team Preview #16 San Diego Padres

Back in 1986, I was addicted to Sportflics.  Their triple action, magic motion technology caught my attention and I desperately tried to build this set.  However... like most things, my attention faded and interest was lost.  So it isn't surprising that this Team Preview set slipped by without me even noticing.  I've never seen this card or set.  But I'm glad it's now living in my binder.

1996 Flair #374 Tony Gwynn

Are you the type of collector who chases attractive card designs?  Then you may want to consider mid 90's Flair products.  This card is beautiful!

He also threw in this miniature lenticular card of another player I collect:

1990 Score MVP's #14 Thurman Munson

Jack... thanks again for the "just because" package.  Email me a list of the Gwynns you're looking for or send me a list of the ones you already have.  There's a box filled with Gwynns... probably 150 to 200 different ones... sitting on my office shelf.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend.  Have a great week and sayonara!

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