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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

As a fan of both teams, I've gotta throw in my 2¢...

Once upon a time, the Seattle Seahawks called the AFC West their home and the world I lived in was a happy, jolly place.  It allowed me to have a favorite AFC team, while also having a favorite NFC team: the Green Bay Packers.

But in 2002, everything changed.  The Hawks moved back to the NFC... a place they left 25 years earlier... and chaos and destruction consumed my world.

Okay... maybe I'm exaggerating a little.  But I seriously had a major dilemma on my hands.  And when the dust settled, I chose to have two favorite NFC teams.  I knew it my cause some problems... like what happens when they play each other?

Well... after some discussion and meditation, I came to a simple solution.  I'd root for the team who needed my support more at that particular moment.  In other words, whoever was in the position to make the best playoff push.  But last night, I ran into a problem.  Both teams entered Centurylink Field with a 1-1 record and both have a legitimate shot at the playoffs.  So what did I do?

I cheered for both teams.

But enough beating around the bush.  As a fan of both teams, I feel it's my duty to throw in my 2¢.

As a Seahawks fan,  I was happy they were able to put themselves in the situation to win.  Their defense dominated the first half, played hard, and aren't to blame for how the game unfolded.

As a Packers fan, I'm proud of the way the coach and the team handled themselves for the most part.  They came into the 2nd half with a new game plan, worked their tails off, and have every right to be upset at the officials' mistakes.

And as a football fan, I think I'm a pretty patient person.  I understand that the zebras are humans and humans make mistakes.  But after last night's game, I think it's time for the owners to open up their wallets and give the officials a fair contract.  They may not be perfect, but it's pretty obvious that the game isn't the same without them.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me rant...

Have a happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. aside from everything... what really bothered me was the complete lack of class from Russell Wilson and Golden Tate. To stand there in front of the world and talk about how great each other is and how they just never gave up and made a great play..... wow. I lost all respect for those two for good.
    Most if not all players would've just kinda smirked and said they got the win and now we have to focus on next week.
    But to stand there in the face of every replay, every fan, every person with eyesight, and say they actually made a great play, a great catch, etc.... total douchebaggery on those two.

    1. Yeah... I agree. It's not like the NFL would take the win away from them. The whole situation is a giant clusterduck.

  2. What bothers me more, as a Seahawk fan, is that Carroll acts as if the game was not ended on a blown call but instead on excellent play by the players. He ignores the Defensive Pass Interference blown call when Rice should have been the one called on the PI that allowed them to keep moving in the final few minutes, he ignores Tate pushing Shields down in the end zone while the ball was in the air and he continues to claim that Jennings and Tate had simultaneous control of the ball when it was clearly obvious that was not the fact.

    When a coach is so delusional it is no wonder that Wilson and Tate act as if it were by design that the team won and not on stupid luck.

    1. I think it's a George Costanza situation. If they tell themselves and the media that it was a catch enough times, then they'll start to believe it themselves.

    2. Carroll has always had no class so why would it appear now. I remember him giving the choking sign (hands to throat) to the Miami Dolphins in a game. and he gets out of dodge(USC) once he knows the S is going to hit the fan on paying players he is the one coach I have little to no respect for so anything he does doesn't surprise me!

  3. thanks for sharing..