30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sayonara Salute #3: Adrian Gonzalez

I love the San Diego Padres... I really do. And I'll always be a Padres fan. I figure if Tony Gwynn stayed loyal to the Padres franchise for twenty years, then I can too. However... I'll admit it's frustrating that the Padres aren't willing to open their wallet to even the best player on their team.

Adrian Gonzalez has easily been the best hitter on the San Diego Padres over the past 5 seasons. During that time he hit 161 home runs, 501 runs batted in, 464 runs, and had a batting average of .288. In addition to those totals, he won two Gold Gloves and made the all-star team three times.

These numbers have earned Mr. Gonzalez a nice little raise and the Padres knew it. They just weren't willing to pay it. So... five days ago they shipped him to Boston where he'll finish the last year of his contract as a Red Sox. It looks like Boston and Gonzalez have already discussed a contract extension in which he'll get paid somewhere in the area of $154 mil over 7 years. That's a nice little bonus over the 4.875 million he made with the Padres last year.

Mr. Gonzalez... thank you for giving your heart and soul to the Padres organization and fans over the past five seasons. I knew this day was coming for over a year now, so it wasn't a surprise... but it's still a downer. I wish you the best of luck in Boston... and I'm thankful that the Padres didn't trade you to the Yankees.

And to the San Diego Padres ownership and upper management... I sure hope you guys know what you're doing. Is the goal to have the league's lowest payroll? Or are you guys building a team that can compete in the NL West? I just want you to know... that your players played their hearts out last year and surprised almost everyone in the league. As for me... I'm a faithful fan who buys your merchandise and supports the team during the best of times and through the darkest times. The question is... are you guys going to support the team by giving them some ammunition? And what about your fans? Are you at least going to try to build a team that can compete in the NL West? Either way... I'll still be there... along with your employees and other loyal fans. I guess your response to these questions will determine if we're smiling or not.

Today's question of the day...

Do you think the Padres will make the playoffs at least once in the next five years?

Personally... I don't think they will. The Giants are young and will definitely be better next year and the Dodgers are always willing to supply their fans with talent. I sure hope I'm wrong... since it doesn't look like my A's are going to fare any better.

Have a great weekened everyone. Sayonara!


  1. Wow nice Gonzalez collection. I'm not happy with your Padres for sending such a good player to my Yanks rival.

  2. Thank Charles... lol... I'm exactly the opposite... if he'd been traded to the Yankees, I wouldn't be able to like him anymore. ;-)

  3. Letting Gonzalez go is a complete disgrace on the part of the Padres. It's really the problem with baseball.

    Although, personally, I'm glad they let Gonzalez go. We'll take good care of him.

  4. I say at least they didn't trade him within the division or the league. That is a nice little collection.

  5. Section 36 - I totally agree... it's a huge problem. The A's and Padres, my two favorite teams had 2 of the 3 lowest payrolls in baseball. I don't expect them to dish out money like the Yankees, but the lack of parity in baseball is definitely affects fans (especially of small market teams).

    Hackenbush - Lol... now he'll just hit homeruns against the A's ;-)

  6. As a Rays fan I feel your pain Fuji.Watching your best players leave is very painful.On the upside I believe the two guys the Padres got both have high ceilings.Being a small market team fan really sucks sometimes.

  7. Hey Fuji,

    Back in the 08 season, there wasn't a bigger Padres fan than me. I watched EVERY game - because the Beavers (AAA) were still in Portland.

    Do me a favor, send me your address once again to my email, I have something you may like.


    I feel your pain. I loved A-Gon. I loved E-Gon more, but A-gon was still the best. Unless you talk about Peavy....

    The only MLB shirt I have is Jake Peavy Padres uni....

    Send me your addy....

    I'll have something to you in time for Christmas.

  8. Hairylemon - I don't know anything about the three guys we got from the Sox... so I'll take your word and hope for the best. It's sometimes hard being a small market team fan... however... when we make the playoffs it sure makes it more exciting.

    G Moses - So are you still a Padres fan? I was bummed about Peavy being traded... once again... I knew it was coming... but it didn't soften the blow.

    And what about them Sharks? Thanks for being their good luck charm against the Flyers. I'll shoot you an email in a few minutes. You're stirring my curiosity.

  9. If it wasn't for the Padres being hot last season, A Gonz would've been shipped off mid season, THe thing is that with the Giants, Rockies & Dodgers even the wild card is a tough aim.

    Maybe 1 out of the next 5.