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Friday, December 24, 2010

Kurisumasu Omedeto Gozaimasu!

I'm about 5 hours early... but I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope all of you have a safe holiday season with your friends and families.

Since a lot of us will probably be busy opening presents and grubbing on high calorie food, I wanted to share with all of you a special Santa Claus Trifecta.

I bought it a few years ago for a white elephant gift exchange. Since... everyone else brought a bunch of garbage, I ended up stealing it back. It's a pretty cheesy set that includes an authentic Santa Claus autograph (signed by a Topps employee), a relic card featuring a swatch from a Santa Clause outfit (worn by a Topps employee), and a sixteen card base set that includes a Topps rookie card of jolly Saint Nick.

Santa Claus Rookie Card

Santa Claus Autographed Card

Santa Claus Memorabilia Card

And here's the rest of the base set...

1953 Topps: Father Christmas
1959 Topps: St. Nicholas
1965 Topps: Santa Claus Grows Up
1968 Topps: The Night Before Christmas

1955 Topps: The Santa Claus Story
1960 Topps: Santa Claus Is Born

1973 Topps: Santa's Important Friends
1975 Topps: Kris Kringle
1978 Topps: Santa's Other Work
1981 Topps: Santa At The Mall

1987 Topps: Santa's Workshop
1988 Topps: Santa's Reindeer
1993 Topps: Santa & Mrs. Claus
2001 Topps: Santa's Elves
2007 Topps: Santa's Future

There you have it... the 2007 Topps Santa Claus Trifecta. Merry Christmas everyone... and to all a goodnight!


  1. You Beat me to it. I just posted about the same set. Your pictures are better too. Ha Ha

  2. Merry Christmas bud!!
    Hope your having a good day.