30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, October 30, 2010

(not so...) Terrific Tradebait #1: Ryan Leaf

Thanks Charles for reminding me of one of the greatest busts in sports history. Mr. Leaf was one of the original members of my Sports Bust PC. If you need a little refresher course, I encourage you to head over to Charles' blog: Hoopography. He recently posted an excellent write up on Mr. Leaf and included a very interesting video.

Anyways I recently pulled a super shoebox full of 90's rookies out of storage (my buddy's garage). And as luck would have it... I had a small stack of Mr. Leaf's rookies. This was actually a pleasant surprise, because I thought I sold most of these a long time ago, when I took a break from collecting in the early 2000's.

Here's a list of what I have have:

1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars #234 Ryan Leaf $6
1998 Bowman's Best #119 Ryan Leaf $2.50
1998 Flair Showcase "Row 3" #18 Ryan Leaf (x8) $1.50
1998 Fleer Ultra #202 Ryan Leaf (x3) $3
1998 Topps Stars #80 Ryan Leaf (5715/8799) $2.50
1998 Bowman #10 Ryan Leaf (x4) $1.50
1998 Bowman "Interstate" #10 Ryan Leaf $2.50
1998 Score #251 Ryan Leaf (x2) $1.50

So... if anyone out there is interested in a beautiful card lot featuring the biggest draft bust in NFL history, let me know. Maybe we can work something out.

Okay... seriously... nobody wants to give up anything for this garbage... but I am willing to give this garbage away for free. All you need to do is complete a trade with me and I'll throw in some of this trash. After that... it's up to you to decide what you want to do with them: burn them, eat them, bend them, treasure them, or pass the trash to another collector.

So if any bloggers out there are interested in trading... PM me.

I'll leave my wantlist & links to my tradelist below:

I collect the following players:
- Kobe Bryant
- Michael Jordan
I also collect memorabilia cards and autographs from the following teams:
Random PC's:
Last, but not least... I'm willing to trade for the following teams, since I have students who collect them:
San Francisco Giants
Golden State Warriors
San Francisco 49ers
Oakland Raiders

Here's links to my tradelists and my bucket... hopefully we can work something out.

By the way... I'm on Sports Card Forum and Card Collector's World. If you are too, we can create trade agreements over there and leave each other positive feedback.

So today's question of the day is... How many card trades have you made with other bloggers? What are some of your favorite bloggers to make trades with?

So far I've made only one blog trade... and it was with Shot Not Taken last month. However, I just worked out a deal with Spankee over at My Cardboard Mistress.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. And Charles...I'll make sure to post another Sports Card Bust in the next week or so... and Spankee... your cards are packaged and will be shipped out today (sorry... I didn't throw in any Leafs... but there's a bonus in there for you).



  1. Nice post. I haven't done too many trades. I have a trade photo album on my Facebook page, but I haven't had too many offers.

  2. I have completed a few, always happy with what I receive. I like to do "blind trades"...that is, I send a box full of cards of your favorite team/player, and you send back a box full of Reds. Most are commons, but it's a great way to build up a team collection which is what I focus on the most.

  3. Charles - I need to add a trade photo album to my FB page... right now I complete most of my trades on Sports Card Forum.

    thewritersjourney - I love blind trades too... maybe we can work out an Reds for A's trade. I'll have to see what I have in the area of Reds.

  4. I have traded with quite a few bloggers (never tried the forums), Shot Not Taken being the most frequent at around four times I think. I've also pulled off multiple trades with Shoebox Legends, Wicked Ortega, and Baseball Dad. I can recommend them all as top quality traders, although I haven't heard from the latter in ages. I am working on a trade with the good Spankee right now too.

    Hopefully I get the chance trade with you at some point as well, Fuji. I definitely have some stuff to send your way, and there's tons of stuff in your bucket I could use. Also, I do sketch cards if you're interested, and I'm flexible about including them as part of trades.

  5. lonestar - Sounds great... do you have a tradelist or a bucket I can checkout? Lmk... would love to work out a deal.