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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top 5: Green Bay Packers PC Possessions

It's week 7 and the Green Bay Packers are sitting in 2nd place in the NFC North with a 3-3 record. Part of me is disappointed that they're not in first place and have struggled the past few weeks. However, on the flipside... I understand that injuries are taking their toll on a very talented team.

So to cheer myself up... I decided to check out my five favorite Packers cards in my collection.

#1: 1996 Laserview "Inscriptions Auto" #9 Brett Favre (#'d to 4850)

Okay, so this isn't actually a picture of my card. A lot of my higher end cards are in a safe at my parents' house in Las Vegas, so I don't have access to this card right now. However, I can assure you that it's part of my PC and is my favorite for two reasons. First, it's an on card autograph of my favorite Packer of all-time. And two... the card is made of acetate. The only problem with my card is that it's not nearly as clean as this particular scan. My autograph is a little faded compared to this one.

#2: 2005 Leaf R&S "Rookie Autograph" #201 Aaron Rodgers (#'d 74/150)

Aaron Rodgers is my favorite "current" Green Bay Packers player and unfortunately, I only own 2 of his certified autographs. This is my favorite of the two. It's a sticker autograph, which stinks... but the card itself features a cool design and shows him in his Packers uniform. I've been a fan of Rodgers since his playing days at CAL. Hopefully he can one day hold the Lombardi Trophy while wearing a Packer uniform.

#3: 2007 SP Authentic "Rookie Auto" #230 James Jones (#'d 67/1199)

I graduated a long time ago from SJSU, so I get excited every time a Spartan gets drafted. It's even better when a Spartan gets drafted by my favorite team. Which is why I'm always trying to add to my James Jones PC. He'll never be a top receiver, but that's fine with me. It keeps his cards affordable. This particular card features a simple design with an on-card autograph - two key elements to a beautiful card.

#4: 1971 Topps "Poster" #10 Bart Starr

When I was growing up, Lynn Dickey was my favorite quarterback. Years before that... my father's favorite quarterback was another Packer legend: Bart Starr. I don't remember when I bought this poster, but it was probably in the early 80's or mid 80's. I picked it up at a card show, because I remember my father telling me stories about Mr. Starr. I could be mistaken, but I think it's the first piece of Packers memorabilia that I ever purchased. And I owe it to my dad.

#5: 1999 SP Signature "Autograph" #JL James Lofton

Rounding out my top 5 is another Bay Area legend. I've already featured a CAL Bear and a SJSU Spartan... so I guess I have to feature a Stanford Cardinal. James Lofton is one of the greatest wide receivers to ever wear a Packers uniform. I chose this particular card because it features a stunning on-card autograph. I wish all athletes would take the time to sign like Mr. Lofton.

Honorary Mention #1: My Sweet Spot "Helmet Autos"

I've always been a huge fan of these Sweet Spot autographs. Here are my three favorites. Adderly and Hornung are way before my time, but my father loved them... and that's good enough for me. On the other hand, Greg Jennings is one of the Packers top receivers right now and I've been a huge fan of his since they drafted him in 2006.

Honorary Mention #2: My 1997 Leaf Signature "Autographs"

The last time the Packers held the Lombardi Trophy was in 1996 when they beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI. Three reasons they accomplished this feat were Levens, Brooks, and Freeman. I've always been a fan of this product, because they feature on-card autographs. Unfortunately, they're not regular sized cards - they're 8 x 10. I've always considered framing these bad boys, but I don't want the autographs to fade (the Brooks is already difficult to see).

Well... that's it. Those are the highlights from my Packers PC. Now onto more important things. At the start of the season, almost everyone had the Packers making the playoffs. Some of us even had them going to the Super Bowl. Today's question is... Do you think the Packers will still make the playoffs this year? Also... who do you think will win the NFC North?

Just curious... I'll give you my answer after this weekend's game against the Vikings. Have a happy Friday!



  1. I do think the Pack will still make the playoffs. Although this weekends games may be a deciding factor in that. Sweet Farve auto (Acetate Greatness)!!!

    I'm also a big James Lofton fan from his time with the Bills. Good Stuff.

  2. Yeah... this weekend will be huge for both teams. I sure hope the Packers find a way to pull this one out.

    As for Lofton... I knew he played for the Raiders and the Bills... but I never realized that he played one game for the Rams and nine games for the Eagles in his final season.