30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sports Card Trifecta #3: Joe Thornton

I apologize in advance for the TRIFECTA overload... I wasn't planning on posting another sports card trifecta until next week... but then every once in awhile... the stars are aligned and someone deserves some serious recognition.

Last night was a good night for Bay Area sports fans. Obviously most of the country observed the Giants take the first game in the World Series. If you're a basketball fan... then you can appreciate Monta Ellis going off for 46 points (on 75% shooting), as the Warriors knocked off the Rockets.

However today's post isn't about the Giants or the Warriors. Sure I enjoy watching both of those teams, but they're not a priority in my life. Nope... when it comes to sports... the Sharks are #1 on my list. It's not because hockey is my favorite sport to watch on TV... sorry that's football. And it's not my favorite sport to play... I've never played ice hockey in my life (except for video games). It comes down to location. The Sharks are in San Jose... and this is where I was born and raised. So call it "hometown pride".

Anyways... last night, the Sharks played the New Jersey Devils. Both teams have been disappointing to say the least... and both teams needed this win. Coming into the game, the Devils' only two wins had come on the road... while the Sharks hadn't won a game at home yet. So... I was crossing my fingers hoping that the Sharks would bump this trend.

And... boy did they bump it. Actually... it was pretty much a three man show. Dany Heatley and Patrick Marleau each had a goal and 3 assists en route to a 5 to 2 win. On any other night, these stats would have earned them player of the game honors.

However... when the team captain has a "hat trick" and throws in a couple of assists... it's hard not to choose him as the man of the hour. The Devils never found a way to contain Joe Thornton and his linemates. His play last night was a work of art... a masterpiece for San Jose Sharks fans.

Well... today I'm returning the favor... by dedicating this blog post to Jumbo Joe.

Rookie Card: 1996/97 Upper Deck #370

This is the only rookie card that I own of Joe (I really... really... really... want his Upper Deck Ice card... hopefully one day I'll pick it up.

Autographed Card: 2008/09 The Cup "Chirography" #CCJT (23/50)

By far... the autograph card was my biggest dilemma, because I love my Sweet Shot autograph of him too. However the silver autograph on the black material stands out better, so this card got the nod.

Memorabilia Card: 2008/09 Black Diamond "Quad Jersey" #BDJJT

This is one of my favorite cards in my Sharks PC. There's no patches... and it's not numbered. However... this card has four different colored swatches. The only color it's missing is orange... but I'm not complaining.

Today's question of the day:

What's your favorite sport to watch on television?

What you're favorite sport to watch in person?

What's your favorite sport to play?

Well... only two more days until the weekend. Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Ah Joe Thorton...if only your time in Boston had gone better!

    Watch on TV: Football
    Watch in person: Baseball
    Play: Baseball or Lacrosse

  2. I was lucky enough to watch the hat trick during half-time for the Blazer game. Very cool to see.

    Portland doesn't have a hockey team, but I've really been trying hard to have a team to follow. Our local sports channel shows the Sharks games as well as the Canucks games. I guess because we're in between those two cities. I've slowly been becoming a Sharks fan and your enthusiasm for them might be the thing to push me over the edge. We'll soon see.

    The answer to all three of your questions is basketball, but there's nothing like a full Sunday of watching football on TV.

  3. Watch Tv-Baseball
    Watch in real life-baseball

  4. That quad jersey is sweet. I love when it's a nice balance of colors like that.

    Watch on TV: Indoor Volleyball
    Watch in Person: College Football
    Play: Volleyball

  5. SpastikMooss - Yeah.. It's all good though... I'm glad he saved his best years for the Teal & Black.

    TJ - You won't regret your decision if you decide to support the Sharks. Sure they haven't won a Cup... but they will eventually... hopefully soon. Plus... win or lose... they're still fun to watch.

    Redsox101 - do you surf too?

    Spankee - indoor volleyball? What channel is that on? Just messing with you. I love watching it too when it's part of the Olympics. I also played a lot with buddies in college (although we sucked... sucked real bad).