30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sports Card Trifecta #1: Tony Gwynn

What is a sports card trifecta? It's when you put together an athlete's rookie card, autograph, and memorabilia card.

I came across this idea while reading Drews Cards: A Teenager's Journey Through The Card Collecting Universe. If you've never checked him out... I suggest you head over there and read his blog. He's got some interesting stuff.

Now onto my first trifecta. I probably have a few "sports card trifectas" in my collection, but I chose to kick off this series with Tony Gwynn, because he's one of my favorite athletes of all-time. If you're interested in reading about my admiration for Gwynn, I wrote about it in a previous post.

Rookie Card: 1983 Topps #482

Autographed Card: 1998 Donruss Signature "Millenium Marks" #56

Memorabilia Card: 2007 Sweet Spot Classic "Classic Memorabilia" #GW

If you're interested in keeping track of my "sports card trifecta" collection, I'll be posting it on my website.

Now that's SpastikMooss has answered my first question of the day... here's the updated question of the day: Do you have any "sports card trifectas"?

Thank you SpastikMooss for helping me out... and Thank you Drew's Cards for coming up with this awesome collection. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Have a great week!


  1. drewscards - http://drewsbbcards.blogspot.com/

    That's who you're looking for.

  2. Awesome... Thanks SpastikMooss... I'll update my post right now.

  3. Those Donruss Signature cards are great. I like the Sweet Spot cards too because they're a pretty decent cards at cheap prices. Nice stuff Mark!!!

  4. I have Tyronn Lue, Rich Hill, and Seneca Wallace trifectas. Working on a few others!

  5. As a proud owner of about 200-300 different Tony Gwynn cards, I hope to one day put all three 83 Gwyyns in my collection. I'm jealous of you for owning the 83 Topps.

  6. Charles - I couldn't agree with you more about those Sweet Spot cards... I love the design and the price.

    SpastikMooss - Post them up and let the hobby world appreciate them too ;-) I'd love to see the Lue and Wallace trifectas

    Mariner1 - Wow... that's a lot of Gwynns. I'm not sure how many I have... but I don't think it's close to that.

    I'm still looking to pick up a PSA 10 1983 Fleer rookie of Gwynn. Once I grab that... I'll have the rookie trifecta. Right now I have a Donruss PSA 10 and a Topps PSA 9 (will never be able to afford a PSA 10).

  7. I have a card coming in the mail that is a Scott Sizemore Auto/Relic Rookie Card...its the trifecta-in-one.

  8. Spankee - Hey... that's cheating! Just kidding. I'm sure that's a nice card.