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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hobby Hero #2 : Don West

Every once in awhile, the overwhelming stress of life gets me down (I'm exaggerating a little for dramatic affect). When it does, there's one person who can make things all better. No, it's not Mama Fuji. It's not even my best friend. My students? Yeah right. Nope, it's Mr. Don West.

Anyone who collected cards in the 90's and stayed up late to watch Shot at Home knows who I'm talking about. This guy is a hobby legend and one of the funniest entertainers on the planet. If you've never seen him and want a good laugh, check out this site that's dedicated to him: http://donwest.org You can also check out vintage Shop at Home clips on Youtube.

Now, he's not only on the internet... he's also in my PC:

Now all I need is an auto of the one and only... Mr. Ken Goldin:
owner of Scoreboard Inc. & Don West's partner in crime.

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