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Monday, May 11, 2020

Dang I Miss...

This weekend was kind of a bummer.  It's not just about being cooped up at home on a daily basis for two months straight.  Or the fact that we're so divided on how our country should handle the situation and wondering if things will ever return to something resembling normal.  Sure these things suck, but that's what coping mechanisms, daily walks, ice cream sandwiches, and trading cards are for.

Nope.  This weekend there was something extra in the air.  It was like the perfect storm.  A combination of everything coming together at once.

The bottom line is... there are so many things I miss.  I miss going to Target... people watching... standing in front of the card aisle... and walking around trying to reach 10k steps.  I miss going down to Vegas, hanging out with my father, and waking up to the smell of his delicious fried rice.  I miss getting a haircut.  I miss looking for deals at the flea market.  I miss teaching my students in a classroom.  And I miss seeing my nieces in Portland.

I was suppose to fly up there in April, but obviously those plans were cancelled.  Sadly... I have no idea when I'll be returning... which totally sucks... because it's one of my favorite places to visit and relax.

It's also where a few card bloggers live.  I've had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Rod over at Padrographs last summer.  He's become quite famous lately for his daily giveaways, but I've had the pleasure of knowing him for a few years.

Last week, he sent me another padded envelope with a 50ct. slide box filled with Rickey Hendersons, some 90's A's, and a small stack of Pro Set Super Stars MusiCards.  Here are a few of my favorites...

1993 Topps Gold #750
1993 Score Select #106

Rickey dominated this box.  These two 1993's really stood out, because I love a nice parallel and a well cropped action shot.

1991 Pro Set MusiCards #110

Yup. Loved me some BBD back in the day.  Actually... I was an even bigger fan of New Edition.  But seeing this specific card brought back memories from when my friends and I saw the trio at KMEL's Summer Jam back in 1990.

1997 Pacific Crown Collection #169

It's always nice to stumble across a design I don't remember seeing before.  It's even nicer when it features a spectacular action shot like this one.

Thanks Rod for yet another generous care package.  Looking forward to the day when I'm able to visit your bookstore again and talk baseball cards.  Actually... it'd be even cooler if we could hit up a baseball game.  Maybe Gavin (Baseball Card Breakdown) and Kerry (Cards on Cards) can join us.

Speaking of Kerry, he also shipped me a padded envelope filled with A's cards...

Kerry and I exchanged addresses last month.  He was the first to ship... and boy did he hook me up with a bunch of cool cards.

2020 Topps #179

I'll start off by showing my favorite base card of 2020 so far.  My goal is to fill a nine-pocket page of this cardRod sent me two a while back and this one makes three.

2019 Big League Gold #238

Here's another great action shot of Laureano.  This time it's a gold parallel of his rookie card.  If you're bored, I encourage you to check out some of his highlight reels on YouTube.  

1997 Pinnacle X-Press Men of Summer #143

Another card I don't remember seeing before.  This time it's a parallel from a product I probably didn't open too much of.  I'm excited to add this to my Big Mac collection.

2019 Topps Opening Day #ODB-OA
2020 Topps Opening Day #OD-8

Topps might produce a lot of boring "filler" inserts... but if you look hard enough you can find some hidden gems like these two Opening Day cards.  Both of these feature some fantastic photography.

2018 Chrome Pink Refractor #64
2018 Optic Pink #91
2020 Donruss Pink #212

I'll round out this post with these three pink cards in a nod to all of the mother's out there... even though I can't remember my mom ever wearing pink or saying she liked pink.  Wait.  She did love cherry blossoms.  I miss you Mom.

Thanks Kerry for this awesome care package.  Hopefully we'll get the chance to meet up and talk cards in person some day.  In the meantime, I'll start digging through boxes looking for some Cardinals and Blazers to ship your way.

Happy Monday everyone and sayonara!

Extra Innings

This Covid-19 situation sucks... but one of the best things to come out of it are retired card bloggers returning to the keyboard and the welcome addition of new card blogsJongudmund has been commenting on card blogs for years and now he's started his very own blog:

It's a blog dedicated to Tony Gwynn and 394 of his baseball cards.  I hope all of you will head over there and check it out.  And after that... head over to Cards on Cards too.  He's hosting a box break of 2019 Topps "Topps of the Class" and offering up free spots.


  1. Hey, when you make it back to Portland, let me know too, I'm just across the river and would totally come over and do a blogger get together!

  2. I'm a home body by nature, but I do miss a lot about stopping at a store anytime I want just to see what's there, or perusing the local bookstore.

  3. Yay! Another blog to follow!

  4. Love that '93 Topps Gold of Rickey. I've acquired a couple of large lots of them to go along with the bunch I already have. Completing the '93 Topps Gold set is on my short list of sets to complete.

    I love staying home so not being able to go out to a restaurant or card show is only a minor inconvenience for me. Mostly, I miss watching my Dodgers.

  5. I've been getting out to run and bike but I really don't like the teaching from home. I did cut my own hair today but no one needs to see a picture of that.

  6. Thank you for mentioning my blog! I agree the situation really sucks. I'm finding baseball cards a therapeutic help.

  7. Laureano has some great cards so far in his career.

  8. I miss a lot along the lines what you said. It’s weird on the weekends no leaving my house/property. Even when things get better, I’m in no rush to commute into NYC.

  9. I see women wearing shirts that say "Pink" on them all the time and I don't think it has anything to do with any ones mom. lol.

  10. I miss talking to the dealers at the card shows. Not sure when the next one is scheduled.

  11. Cool, another blog to follow ... aw, man, more Tony Gwynn?? ... OK. I'll follow anyway.

  12. Yeah, there sure is a lot out there to miss! Hopefully we'll all appreciate these things more when things get back to whatever the new normal will be after this virus is under control!

  13. the diamond king - sounds like a card blogger gathering in the making. i'm not sure when it'll happen, but it gives me something to look forward to

    the angels in order - my thoughts exactly. i want to hit up barnes and noble to grab the latest vintage beckett issue (with night owl's article), but can't :(

    matt - i'm lovin' all of the new material out there

    bbcardz - i've always been a home body... and enjoy my alone time. but it's different for me when it's not an option ;D btw... best of luck on that gold set. that should be a fun project

    runforekelloggs - i've thought about cutting my own hair. i've ask my friend to cut it every other day, but she's afraid of messing it up. my barber has offered to cut my hair at her house, but i'm not ready to do that yet

    jongudmund - uh. i just realized your name is a play on john goodman. lol. it took me long enough. glad you started your blog. i've been enjoying seeing all of those gwynns.

    gcrl - and some awesome defensive highlights. but you're right about the cards. i might have to chase a 9 pocket of his big league rookie card

    the lost collector - yeah... until they get a vaccine... i'll be in no rush to be in any crowded places. my father plays a huge part in that. i'd hate to end up getting the virus and handing it off to him when i finally get a chance to visit him

    friend11 - i totally know what you mean. i think all of the ones in my area have been cancelled. but the flea markets are starting to reopen. i have a few friends who set up there. i probably will go in a month or two

    night owl - lol padres/gwynn blogs are starting to catch up in number to dodger blogs ;D

    johnnys trading spot - he's just some scrub who played for the dreaded padres

    sean - glad you pointed out the appreciation part. i definitely feel like i'll have a deeper appreciation of things after things begin to reopen.

    design builders - glad my blog could be of some help. unfortunately, i'll be deleting your comment and the only evidence that you existed on my blog will be this comment you're reading right now.