30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Card Show Leftovers

When it comes to food... I have a strict three day rule.  I'll typically eat leftovers for one, two, maybe three days after I cook it.  After that... it goes into the trash.

Luckily the same rule does not apply to sports cardsToday's post wraps up my recent card show purchases (aka the leftovers).

Round 5The Quarter Boxes  $3

As hard as I try to avoid dime boxes and quarter bins, I just can't walk away from 80's rookie cards:

The dealer actually had about ten more 5,000 count boxes, but my back was really starting to hurt so I quit after two.  I've met this guy before and he runs a show at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Concord.  Maybe one of these days I'll give it a shot.

Round 6The Dollar Bin  $10

Last week I mentioned that I killed time looking at the guy's dime boxes, while four other guys were going through his dollar boxes.  Eventually I had my chance to go through it and I grabbed these ten cards.

I was pretty happy to see this George Kell autographed card:

1992 Action Packed All-Star Gallery 24kt. Gold #11G

I'm not sure if the autograph is legit or not... but regardless... I'm still a big fan of the Action Packed 24kt. gold parallels from the early 90's.

The two other cards that really stood out to me were these memorabilia cards:

2001 SP Legendary Cuts Debut Bats #B-WP
2005 Donruss Greats Yankee Clippings Materials #YC-16

Graig Nettles was one of the few New York Yankees that I actually liked as a kid.  On the other hand, Wes Parker played his final game when I was only a month old, so I don't remember watching him play.  However... I do remember him from his guest appearance on the Brady Bunch.

Well that wraps up my card show haul.  I apologize for stretching it out through four posts, but a blogger has to do... what a blogger has to do.

This weekend I'm going to borrow Daniel's (It's like having my own Card Shop) idea and write a post in five minutes.  I'm predicting an epic fail since most of my posts take thirty to ninety minutes to write.

Fellow bloggers... what about you?

On average...

How much time do you invest on your blog posts?

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. I usually spend about 15 minutes on a post. Unfortunately I think that sometimes (always?) shows. But, I also don't do as much research or scanning. It's mostly just me talking, so that helps speed things up.

  2. It varies with the amount of research and scanning, I think I spend around an hour on each post. Some of the more involved posts probably take a good couple of hours.

  3. That Strawberry O-Pee-Chee... for a quarter? Nice! I spent loads more on mine. My posts range from 5 minutes to thirty or more, depending. But those longer ones are rare. My scanning sometimes takes ages as the scanner hates my computer and vice versa. How much time do you spend changing the font color??

  4. My reviews will take a couple of hours each. Most blog posts are about the same as yours if you include all of the picture work I do too

  5. Scanning and photographing can take a while. I generally spend a couple hours writing mine though. But then I'm also incapable of posting anything under 1000 words.

  6. Not much, especially lately. I just started a new job and haven't allowed myself to carve out the 15 minutes per day that I used to when I first got into work. I'm sure in time I will, but right now I'm on my best behavior on company time.

  7. No idea how long I average per blog post. I'm sure it's at least an hour. My most recent post was a "bang-out job" and it still probably took a half hour.

    Did you say you AVOID dime and quarter boxes? Also, I never have back or leg issues going through cards at a show. I also don't sit when looking through cards, I'm afraid I'll fall asleep.

  8. Dunno, but based on my spelling and typos it's not nearly enough.

  9. Most posts for me take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the topic and the amount of scans for the post.

    I'm also surprised to hear that you try to avoid 10 and 25 cent boxes. I almost wish every table had them at shows...

  10. section 36 - that's awesome. i'd probably blog everyday if it only took me 15 to write a post.

    the shlabotnik report - i'd say that i'm in your league... although i try to avoid 2+ hour posts anymore.

    peter k steinberg - i thought of you when i found that card. definitely one of my favorite hauls of the day. great question. it probably took me 10 minutes to change the font color for this post. sometimes i wonder why i even traveled down that road to begin with, but i've done it way to long to change it up.

    sport card collectors - your reviews are awesome! keep up the great work

    nick vossbrink - plus you tend to have a bunch of awesome photography. love seeing all the places you and your family have traveled to

    the lost collector - i love my job... but it'd be so much cooler if they'd let me blog and teach at the same time. hope you're enjoying your new job.

    night owl - limited storage space is the problem. i'm officially running out of space in my office and dime boxes don't help. one day i'll sell my townhouse and buy a nice home with a mancave. when i do, i'm sure i'll regret avoiding all of those dime boxes.

    commishbob - lol. me too. i was always better at math.

    robert - i try... but don't usually succeed. i'l usually pick up a stack and if i happen to see anything interesting... it's over. it's like a kid in a candy shop.

  11. I always make food to last for 2 or 3 days. Is not my favourite hobby =P So if you spend 1 night cooking for 3 days, you get more free time, for instance, to write on the blog.

    I've been away from my blog for so long that I'm no example. But maybe that's because I don't get to but cards so often as you all. Sometimes it's like I don't know what I have to add to the hobby by posting so normal and common cards that most people already discussed decades ago.

    But ok. I'll try my best ;)

  12. My decent posts probably take an hour or two. Always lots of scanning or Paint Shop Pro work.
    Every now and then I'll put something up at work really quickly just to have something posted on the three usual days I post (MWF). (Didn't happen today).
    Going to a big show on Sunday (Chantilly VA) so I'll probably have three or four haul posts next week.

  13. It just depends on what the topic is for me, if it's a simple box break probably 30 minutes or so, monthly maildays depends on what I got in. I also do a blog on my fantasy football league and that's a lot more time consuming since I do 3 posts a week for that

  14. Between scanning, cropping, etc. and the actual writing of the post, I'd guess I spend about an hour to an hour-and-a-half on my posts. Lately I've been scanning/cropping earlier in the day and writing my posts at night so it's not one continuous hour-long stream of sitting at the computer.

  15. Awesome cards! Great deals! Love the Larry Walker ornament card and that Tim Raines RC! My average post probably takes an hour or so, that's why I started the 5 minute posts.