30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sports Card Therapy

This school year five of my friends at work were pregnant... and it cracked me up how emotional some of them would get.  I'm used to the typical husband bashing at the lunch room table, but some of these mood swings were stuff you only see on television shows.

I think I might be pregnant.  I've gained 12 pounds this school year... and this week I myself have had some serious mood swings.

Normally I'd be super excited that there are only nine days left in the school year, but like I mentioned in a previous post... one of my closest friends is moving to another state next weekend, which kinda sucks.

But one of my former students stopped by after school on Monday and gave me a very thoughtful thank you letter that I'll treasure forever.

The following day, I heard about the tragic news about Seattle Seahawks legend Cortez Kennedy.

Things continued to spiral downwards on Wednesday.  During 2nd period, I threw out my back while loading paper into the copier, which forced me to walk around campus like Yoda for the rest of the day.

Not sure what sucked more... the excruciating pain or constantly having to explain my hunched over waddle to curious middle schoolers.

I spent the rest of the week trying to recoup and today I turn to sports card therapy for help.  Rickey didn't disappoint:

1982 Topps #610

This was one of the first cards to pop into my head when I noticed that Tony's Day 12 Challenge asked us for one of our favorite cards from the 1980's.

Topps has blessed Rickey Henderson fans with some pretty awesome base cards and this one is no exception.  This well cropped and centered photo captures him on the base paths, which is where he did most of his damage in the 80's.

I'm also very fond of the overall design of this set.  I can't imagine collectors confusing the "hockey sticks" or the Tron-like lines that race down the sides with any other Topps baseball card set out there.  I will admit, that I probably wasn't a big fan of the pink on this card (or any other Oakland A's card) when I was a kid, but thirty-five years later... I've grown to appreciate it.

Thank you Rickey.  It's cards like this one that mentally makes things a little easier when times are tough.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. The area of my company that I work in is about 85% female...so I get what you mean about the pregnancy thing. There are typically at least two out on maternity leave at any given time!

    Sorry to hear about your back. Hopefully you get some relief and things turn soon. I have issues myself and I know how debilitating it can be. The Yoda reference made me chuckle. Been there!

  2. Feel better! I have enough back problems that I need my brother's help to get into my trade stash boxes whenever I make a trade. I have been in pain 24/7 for over a decade now...not fun.

  3. As I write they m wife messed up her back a few hours ago-and having my own back issues-I feel your pain

  4. Hope you feel better soon! I received some much-needed card therapy at the flea market today after a long work week.

  5. When my back gives,things get ugly.I can't even walk sometimes.Hang in there, bud.BTW- My favorite 80s card is a toss up between 1989 Future Star Greg Jefferies and 1988 Topps Jose Canseco.

  6. Great post,when I'm feeling bad in general,I dig out some of my favorite cards and makes me feel better.

  7. Bummer on the back. We can all use some card therapy now and then.

  8. Hope you feel better Fuji. Send me your address, I have a couple of cards to send your way for some card therapy (lucksc0620 at gmail.com)

  9. kin - 85% female? You lucky guy ;) Sorry to hear that you've done the Yoda. It's one of those things you don't wish upon anyone.

    Billy - 24/7 back pain? That's terrible. I'm very sorry to hear that. I'm glad that you've got a supportive brother who will help you though.

    B Man - Sorry bud. I hope your wife feels better by now. Sometimes the back thing lasts for months. This time around I'm about 70% back to normal. At this rate, I hope to be okay in two weeks.

    Nick - Thanks Nick! I'm gonna try to hit the flea market this morning. It'll be the first time in around a month... maybe more.

    Tony - I've had to take several days off, because I couldn't walk. It's painful physically and mentally. Luckily this time around it wasn't one of those times. I immediately could picture that 1989 Jefferies. I saw that card so much when I was younger, it's embedded into my brain. That's a great pick. I can't believe I couldn't picture the Canseco. Had to look it up. Great card too.

    sg488 - Thanks. Card therapy works... especially when I'm feeling bummed out. Takes me to my happy place.

    SumoMenkoMan - I agree 100%.

    Reds Card Collector - Thanks! Very generous offer, I'll email you today.