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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Final Piece of the Puzzle

Exactly four years ago... I announced my Donruss Puzzle project in which I had hoped to collect and build all sixteen puzzles produced from 1982 to 1992.

And thanks to the generosity of Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders... the project is now complete.

Originally... I had planned to frame and display them around my office.  Unfortunately... lack of space has forced me to scrap that plan.  Instead, I slid them into Ultra Pro pages and put them into a binder, so I can enjoy their beauty whenever I want.

Now some of you might have read my post last month where I promised to man up and purchase the final three puzzle pieces myself if the majority of you felt I was crazy for not spending the dollar to wrap up this project.  The verdict?  You thought I was crazy and I was prepared to buy the puzzle pieces.

But Dennis emailed me and let me know he picked it up off of Sportlots, so I didn't have to.  

Thanks buddy!  I really appreciate you helping me out... and saving me that dollar plus postage!  And these amazing 1 of 1 customs were pretty sweet too:

Was Rudy really offsides?  No matter... that guy is a hero to short guys around the world.  And with every hero... you've gotta have a villain:

Always happy to add another Canseco autograph to my collection.  He might be one of the most hated guys in baseball... but he sure provided a lot of A's fans (including myself) great memories back in the day.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!

Extra Innings

Technically... this project isn't finished.  There's actually another Ted Williams puzzle that Donruss produced for their 2002 Originals product.  Thanks to John Miller... author of Johnny's Trading Spot... I have added it to my eBay watch list.  There's one set listed on eBay right now... but there's no way I'm going to spend $17.95 for a 63 piece puzzle.  Patience is a virtue... and I'll wait another four years if I have to.


  1. Congrats on completing the puzzle Fuji.

  2. Great job finishing your project-the Ty Cobb puzzle triggers the memories for me.

  3. Disregard patience; acquire cards!

  4. Congrats on finishing the first part of that project. You'll find the '02 puzzle for cheaper, just hang in there!

  5. Congrats on finishing this part of your collection. I'm not sure I've seen all of them completed before.

  6. They must look great all bindered up

  7. I've been working on this too! I am many, many pieces away from being complete, but I have a great project idea in mind for when I'm finished! I will share when that happens.

    Also if you have any extra pieces, I'm down for a trade!

  8. Awesome project, they would have looked great in frames but in a binder is cool too.

  9. zippy, john miller, & r laughton - thanks buddy!

    brady - i think the clemente and aaron are the two that stir up childhood memories the most

    dennis - thanks again for helping me out!

    chop keeper - i hope so. i'm pretty good at this patience thing

    mark hoyle - they're definitely fun to flip through

    junior junkie - i definitely have extra pieces and complete puzzles for you... but you might need to be patient ;)

    jason culley - i wish, wish, wish i had the wall space in my office. one day when i'm able to afford a house in the bay area... i'll make sure to line them on the walls of my mancave