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Monday, June 30, 2014

Not Quite A Man Cave

More like a sports collectible themed office.  A few weeks back, I made the decision to bite the bullet and clean it up.

First up... the shelves.

My favorite is the Oakland Athletics shelf, because it has a good mixture of cards, SLU's, and bobbleheads.  Plus they're the team I've rooted for the longest.

I debated on breaking down my Los Angeles Lakers shelf, since I no longer watch basketball.  However, I left it up since I was a fan for the majority of my life.  To the upper right is my tiny San Diego Padres shelf.  I have a few other items, but lack of shelf space has limited me to what you see displayed.

The same can be said for my Green Bay Packers shelf.  I have four more McFarlanes that I couldn't fit on it, so I took them to work and have them displayed in my classroom.

Eventually, I'd like to expand my Seahawks shelf..  Now that they've finally won a Super Bowl, I'm hoping more companies will produce Seattle memorabilia.

After the shelves were cleaned and redecorated, I moved on to my binders which house a large part of my lowend PC's, as well as a bunch of trade bait.  It's sort of a living project as I'm constantly switching out binders as certain ones grow faster than others.

Last, but not least... I organized the bulk of my collection.  What you're looking at is a section of my office dedicated to 5,000ct. boxes filled with random box breaks and a few flea market purchases over the years.  You'll also notice a few monster shoe boxes that house some of the lowerend stuff from my PC's, as well as tradebait and supplies.

Unfortunately, that's only a fraction of my collection.  Lack of space doesn't allow me to store everything here.

Unopened Kenner SLU's, McFarlane's, action figures, bobble heads, the majority of my magazines and comic books, card sets, graded cards, and most of my personal collection that require top loaders or magnetics are stored at either my parent's house, a friend's garage, a tiny storage unit I recently rented, or my classroom... which sort of sucks, because I don't always have access to all of my stuff.

Which might have you wondering...

What's the point of owning a collection if you can't walk over to it and look at it?

I completely understand and agree with you, but it is what it is.

Until I'm able to afford a new place with plenty of room for storage and my very own man cave, I'll have to rely on my website and my blog.  Both of these allow me to have highlights of my collection right at my fingertips.

And if I want to actually touch and smell my 1956 Topps Jackie Robinson or my Gwynn Stroke of Genius autograph... well that just gives me another reason to go down and visit Mama and Papa Fuji.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. That's kinda awesome, actually. And that is a TON of cards!

  2. I love your shelves and your binders/boxes are impressive. I feel the same way about displaying my collection. I wish I was half as organized as you are in that regard. I also love the fact that like you, I can view my collection on my blog anytime, anywhere.

  3. I still have cards at my parents house as well.

  4. That actually looks really organized. I'm still working thru tons of stuff

  5. Diggin' the shelves. I can't wait until I get a mancave.

  6. Wow-What organization skills! I struggle with having a collection too and not being able to see every card hone I want to, I am struggling on how best to organize the Yadi and Cardinals' collections.

  7. I should have added not having basements in California does present a challenge to storing our collections.

  8. You are seriously organized, besides my Griffey autographed memorabilia and upper-end cards that I have displayed everything is stored under my bed.

  9. That's some organization. I'm glad my wife does not read this or the bar would be seriously higher.

  10. Crikey! I can only aspire to that kind of organization.

  11. Awesome office! I need to start displaying my stuff as well. As of now, all I have displayed are my Yankee bobbleheads and my autographed baseballs signed by former and current Yankees.