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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fill My Eyes With That Triple Vision!

In the late 70's, Foreigner released their second album Double Vision:

A decade later, Upper Deck arrived on the cardboard scene and introduced Triple Vision.  At the time, I had never seen multiple exposure photos used on trading cards.  And I absolutely fell in love with them.

Over the years, these cards were pushed further and further into the dark corners of my head and eventually forgotten.  Thankfully a few of you have written about them on your blogs, which has motivated me to start collecting these cool cards again.  As of right now, I have four cards.

All of them were pulled from those grab bags I picked up two weekends ago:

1989 Upper Deck #145

1991 Upper Deck #175

1992 Upper Deck #424

1993 Upper Deck #308

I know that Upper Deck produced a bunch of these cards in a variety of products and sports.  So far, I targeted these:

1989 Upper Deck #755 Jim Abbott
1990 Upper Deck #527 Bert Blylevin
1990 Upper Deck #555 Wade Boggs
1991 Upper Deck #444 Rickey Henderson
1991 Upper Deck #777 Joe Slusarski
1992 Upper Deck #333 Jose Canseco
1992 Upper Deck #SP3 Deion Sanders
1993 Upper Deck #222 Gary Sheffield
1993 Upper Deck #645 Phil Hiatt
1994 Topps #300 Ryne Sandberg
1995 Upper Deck #210 Don Mattingly (Fielding)
1996 Collector's Choice #180 Hideo Nomo
1996 Upper Deck #154 Don Mattingly (Hitting)
1996 Upper Deck #350 Bip Roberts
1997 Upper Deck #352 Kirt Manwaring
1998 Upper Deck #196 Tony Womack
2010 Upper Deck "Season Biography" #70 Randy Johnson
1991 Upper Deck #54 Joe Montana
1991/92 Upper Deck #464 Brett Hull
1992/93 Upper Deck #28 Jaromir Jagr

Most of these have been blogged about in the past.  If you're interested in reading more about these cool cards, I encourage you to check out these posts:


  1. Phil Hiatt from '93 Upper Deck as well. What a great set for… everything.
    There's also a Bip Roberts card from '96 Upper Deck that is a double exposure that is cool.

    1. Thanks... I'll add both of these cards to my list. And yes... 1993 Upper Deck is pretty awesome.

  2. Off the top of my head 1991-92 Upper Deck Brett Hull, similar to the Jagr.

    1. Thanks. I'll add this too and try to track down a copy.

  3. Mattingly also had one in 1995 Upper Deck (fielding), while his one in 1996 Upper Deck was batting.

    1. Awesome. Hadn't seen either of these before. Both will be added to my list.

  4. Kurt Manwaring's 1997 Upper Deck issue features a multiple-exposure shot. UD revived the multiple-exposure thing for one of Randy Johnson's "Season Biography" inserts in 2010.

    1. I know I have the Randy Johnson card... but it's in my set... so I guess I'll have to find a single. And the Manwaring has been added as well.

  5. Great post! I love these types of cards as well. Thanks for the list! Another one to add to your list is 1994 Topps Ryne Sandberg.

    1. Thanks Daniel... added it to the list!

  6. Still photo motion cards are quite cool!