30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What a difference a day made...

2001-02 Fleer Focus #124 RC (266/1850)

This blog is about sports, pop culture, and collectibles... so I won't even begin to bore you with my political views and religious beliefs.  

2001-02 SP Authentic #96 RC (227/1600)

Instead... this post is an opportunity for me to showcase pieces of cardboard that depict a professional athlete who decided to share his secret with the world, so he could move forward with his life.

2001-02 Topps Chrome #146 RC

Some people will choose to judge him, while others will applaud and support him.  Either way, there's no denying that his actions were brave and forever cemented him as a part of sports history.

The three cards in this post aren't worth much monetarily, but they're now enjoying a pleasant change of scenery.   One day they were sitting among thousands of basketball commons.  Less than twenty-four hours later, each of them are now enjoying the comfort of a penny sleeve and semi-rigid holder, while embracing the limelight of this blog post.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. It'll be nice when the 'story' is longer a story. Like 'minority' managers some day nobody will think twice about it all. At least I'd like to think so.

    1. Totally agree. A few days ago, we were talking about it in my class and one of the students said "it's sad that this is such a big deal"... "if everyone were respectful and treated equally, this would not be an issue". I was floored by his comment... and I'm pretty sure it left an impact on at least a handful of his peers.

  2. I agree with Commishbob.
    It'll be nice when it's less of a story, and more of an inspiration.

  3. it's always nice finding hidden treasures in your collection.

  4. I think Collins should have taken a page out of Brittany Griner's book. There's nothing brave about announcing who you are, no matter how different. Griner simply was herself. People then asked her about it and she said it's who she is. She didn't make it into a big deal.