30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, May 4, 2013

a Care Package, a Purchase, & a Pair of Prizes

The Care Package

A few days ago, I discovered a padded envelope from The Underdog Card Collector sitting inside of my mailbox at work.  Inside there was thirty-something Oakland A's cards, which I assume are meant for my students... since it was sent to my school.

Here are a few of the ones that caught my attention:

Plus a few that I ended up pulling out for myself:

Thanks a lot Zach.  I know my students are going to love these cards.  I'll definitely start working on a Padres care package for you.

The Purchase

There are tons of generous bloggers out there, Wes over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk has got to be one of the most generous.  It seems like two to three times a year, he'll hook my students up with sports cards.  Then when I least expect it, he'll send me something for my collection.

That's why, I was glad to return the favor a few weeks ago.  He was looking to make a few extra dollars for eBay purchases and was attempting to sell some "team lots".  I ended up buying two.

He packed a flat rate box with a few hundred Montreal Expos cards and a few singles of other teams I collect.  Here are the highlights:

There was a wide variety of cards, including several Tim Raines oddballs, a two-color Warriors patch, and a cool Clay Matthews rookie card.

Thanks Wes for the cool cards.  I hope you were able to buy what you wanted off of eBay.

The Pair of Prizes

Napkin Doon recently reached 100 followers and celebrated with a cool contest.  I was one of the lucky winners and ended up grabbing these two Topps manufactured patches.  I know some people aren't impressed with these, but I've always enjoyed them.

Congratulations Napkin Doon... and of course thanks again for the awesome contest.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. That's quite a haul!
    I like the cracked ice Cespedes; I still maintain those were the coolest parallels we've seen in a while.
    They remind me of a velvet finish on a Les Paul electric guitar. Classy.

    1. Yeah... as soon as I saw it, I knew my students never would ;-)

  2. I have no idea what you collect, besides everything.

    1. I know... I have serious issues.

  3. You have mentioned giving cards to your students many times...how do they know if they actually want the cards?

    1. A lot of middle school boys (some girls too) are into sports. So if you're handing out cards with players on their favorite teams, they're all over it.

      Do they actually turn around and start collecting? Probably not. But that fact that they're taking them home, showing their parents or sharing them with their siblings is good enough for me.