30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Not Going Golfing... Yet.

Who's ready for some golf?

Joe... put your hand down and get ready for Round 2.  You and your buddies have one job... and that's to extend your season one round at a time.

Santa Teresa Golf Course

Leave the fairways and pitching wedges up to me and my buddies.

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!

Extra Edition

1986 Topps #479 RC

A's fans have your back, Mr. Melvin.  Thanks for getting Adam's!  There's still plenty of ball left to be played.


  1. My Rangers have tee times reserved for next week unless they beat the Caps tonight.

    As for me, I love playing, build my own clubs and would like to retire and open a club repair and fitting shop.

    1. I should admit something. I'm definitely a "casual" golfer. I'm decent with my irons... okay with my wedges... and terrible with my woods, which means I usually hang out on the short courses. The photo above was taken on the fourth hole and is one of the longer holes on the course. But for $13... it's definitely therapy for me.

      That's pretty awesome that you built you own clubs. I hope you fulfill your dream and open up that store when you retire.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks... I got it in person either last season or the season before.

  3. Hope so that there is lots of season left my Angels are losing touch with the division at this point after losing 2 str8 to the stros? wtf can someone lend us some pitching and timely hitting.

    1. I feel ya. The A's have lost 14 of the last 20 games. Hopefully the baseball gods will keep the rest of the team off of the DL for at least a few months.