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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flea Market Finds #31: A Bobblehead & Two Hidden Treasures

When: Sunday, February 10th
Where: Capitol Flea Market
What: A Bobblehead & Some Old Card Price Guides
How Much? $15

Earlier this month, I made my usual trip down to the Capitol Flea Market with my buddy Mike.  It's your typical "used junk" type of flea market.  So if you're afraid of germs, I'd stay away.  

But if you're patient and looking for hidden treasures, you might just find what you're looking for.

Purchase #1:  Kurt Suzuki Bobblehead $12

This bobblehead has been at the top of my want list for four years.  I've seen them at card shows, but for some reason... dealers consider these to be super valuable.  They pop up regularly on eBay too, but I've never felt comfortable paying the crazy shipping charges.

I always hoped that I'd find one locally at a reasonable price and now I can finally cross it off of my list.

Purchase #2:  8 Magazines $3

I love buying old price guides... especially the ones that contain cards.  As we were wrapping up the last few aisles, I found some sitting in a nice stack on the ground, while fading in the sun.  There were seven issues of Legends and a copy of Beckett Football with Emmitt Smith on the cover.

These are excellent bathroom reading materials, because they contain old ads and interesting articles from the early 90's.  Since most of them were pretty beat up, I decided to cut out the postcards and cards for my collection.

Hidden between some pages of the Nolan Ryan issue were these 1967 Topps Posters of Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays:

Neither are in good condition.  The Mantle is torn down the middle and the Mays has tape all over it.  I'm not complaining though.  Both were nice surprises and make excellent additions to my vintage card binder.

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


Roy-Z said...

Those posters are dreamy. Nice finds.

The Lost Collector said...

Love the Mantle !

Play at the Plate said...

I used to have that Griffey issue. Sweet posters!

Eric Bracke said...

Awesome find Fuji!

Fuji said...

Roy-Z: Yeah... it was definitely a nice surprise. They aren't worth much in terms of monetary value due to the poor condition, but they're nice additions to my collection.

The Lost Collector: Me too! Actually, I like the Mays better (even though there's tape all over the place).

PATP: I'm a sucker for these old magazines... great reading material.

E Bracke: Thanks!

Bobbeheads said...

Those are really rare one and as you said the bobbleheads are most famous now a days.

Yankeejetsfan said...

Nice Mantle!

Unknown said...

Bobbleheads become a trend nowadays and custom bobblehead is very funny.