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Sunday, February 24, 2013

eBay + iPhone = 1966 Topps Willie Mays

Sometimes, I truly believe things happen for a reason.  Maybe it's because the stars are aligned.  Or maybe it's because the Cardboard Gods were having a good day.  Either way, I finally acquired a vintage Willie Mays card that isn't considered to be poor or damaged.

It all started at the Serramonte Mall Sports Card and Collectibles Show a few weeks ago.  I was hanging out with my buddy who was set up as a vendor.  Several people kept asking him about his 1966 Topps Willie Mays.  Eventually, I decided to check it out for myself.

Beckett has it listed at $250, but my buddy's copy has two creases with rough corners.  He was looking to get $85 for it, but nobody was biting.  Later that evening, I pulled the card out again and asked him for his best price.  He said I could have it for $65.  I countered with $50.

We asked another guy and he felt $50 was reasonable based on the poor condition of the card, but he didn't budge.

I decided to check eBay auctions to see what this card was going for and couldn't believe how affordable this card was.  Back in November, one of these sold for under $5 and there were several others that sold for under $10.  At this point, I shifted gears and focused on finding one on eBay.

That's when I found this card:

It not perfect, but at least it didn't have two creases.  And it get's better.  The seller had a BIN price of $12.99 (+ $2.50 shipping).  I showed it to my buddy and he told me to buy it.  

You've gotta love eBay and cell phones!  Without them, this Willie wouldn't have ended up in my collection.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. This card shows up a lot more than you'd think. I actually passed on one for $20 once, in about the same shape. I think you hit the sweet spot pricewise. Congrats!

  2. It just goes to show how people who bow to the Beckett Mecca are pushing themselves out of business. Sometimes the imaginary prices that Beckett publish really are this far off - and this is for vintage!

  3. not that i would pay a nickel for a giant, (LoL) but that's a great card for a great price. good work!

  4. Scott - Now I'm really glad I had my phone. I'd be pissed if he accepted my $50 offer.

    G - I know right. I think Beckett has been slowly adjusting their values as I've seen several cards I own on COMC take steep drops in BV. I'm sure it'll take them years to make all of the correct changes. And by then, they'll need to be fixed again ;-)

    Nick, The Lost Collector, Stealing Home, and unclemoe - Thanks

  5. That's a fabulous pickup for $15!! Hopefully I'll be able to find a similar Mays for my '64 set at that price.

  6. Nice find! Ebay is the place for vintage stars - always a better deal than at shows.

    I've been waiting for an affordable '66 OPC, but I might be waiting for a while.

  7. Great pick up of the greatest player ever and what a price! Wish I could say I got mine for that much of a steal...

  8. Robert - Thanks. Good luck with that '64.

    1967ers - Yeah, you just don't see many OPC cards laying around display cases these days. These past few years, I've slowly added a few of them (unfortunately, not Mays) to my collection.

    arpsmith - Thanks. I think it's the Cardboard Gods throwing me a bone. Every dog has its day.