30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let's Go Oakland!




Let's Go Athletics!


  1. I'm really hoping the A's can pull off tonight what the Giants did today. I think it would be fun to have another Bay Bridge Series. The World Series should stay in the West Coast and shut out those boys back on the other coast.

  2. Would have loved to see a second Bay Bridge Series... but at least the Giants are still in it. Now I'll be cheering for an orange/black World Series... go Orioles!

  3. I was hoping the A's would do it also. There is still hope for my dream of a Beltway Series with Os and Nats, but if the Nats fall to the Cards or get past them but then fall to the Giants I would agree to the Orange & Black World Series. I really don't the Yankees or Tigers to go to the Dance.

    1. Yeah at this point with SD & OAK out of the picture, here's my order of preference:

      #1 SF (gotta support the local team)
      #2 Balt (they remind me of the A's... hope they knock off NY)
      #3 Wash (Suzuki is still my boy)
      #4 StL/Det (no attachments to either team)
      #5 NY (I will never cheer for the Yankees)