30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You still have 8 hours left to submit your predictions...

Attention baseball fans...

You still have eight hours left to make your MLB All-Star Game predictions for contest points. You can leave your predictions down below or join the rest of the group at the original contest post.

Predict the following:

A. Which team will win the game?
B. Which player will hit the first home run of the game?
C. How many runs will be scored by both teams combined?
D. Who takes home the MVP award?

-1 Point - Make zero correct predictions. I figure I'd make things a little more interesting.
1 Point - Make one correct prediction.
3 Points - Make two correct predictions.
6 Points - Make three correct predictions.
10 Points - Make four correct predictions.
-2 Points - Once again, there's a penalty for lack of participation.

Contest entries will be accepted until this afternoon 3pm (PST).

FYI: Comment moderation has been turned on, so your predictions won't be published until later.

Here's a list of the people I've already received entries from:

The Dimwit, Captain Canuck, SpastikMooss, Greg Zakwin, TheIronLung, Nick, Richard Nebe Jr., Section 36, BA Benny, The Lost Collector, Commishbob, FanOfReds, Dion's IP Autos only, Classon Ave, Play at the Plate, dayf, jacobmrley, Zippy Zappy, Spankee, Kazi, Ryan G, Stealing Home, Baseball Nut, & Jafronius.

Thanks again to everyone who's taken the time to participate in the contest. Best of luck!


  1. A. NL
    B. Ryan Braun
    C. 17
    D. R.A. Dickey

  2. I'm still ARRRGGGGHHHH about getting docked a point on the 4th of July, but here goes:

    A: National League
    B: Carlos Beltran
    C: 12
    D: Beltran

  3. Win: American league, HR: josh hamilton, 13 runs and MVP josh hamilton

  4. Here are my last minute picks:
    NL will win
    Chipper Jones with the first homer
    14 total runs
    Mike Trout for MVP


  5. MLB All-Star prediction entries are officially closed. Best of luck to all of those who have entered. I should have the results posted later tonight.

    Thanks again to all of those who entered.