30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Contest Standings Week #5

Here's this week's contest update. Let's start by checking out how everyone did on the Price Is Right mini-contest:

Play at the Plate correctly guessed the exact amount I spent at the flea market on my six purchases, so he won 8 points. Ryan G and Captain Canuck were each one dollar off, so they took home 6 points each.

Here's a breakdown of how everyone else did:

As you can see... I restructured the points awarded to maximize the point distribution. By the way, if you don't see your name on the list... it means that you didn't participate... which also means you lost a point.

After 5 weeks, here is the overall point breakdown:

It's still pretty close at the top... but things could easily change in the final two weeks. As of right now, it's important to give props to our current Top 3:

1st Place - dayf (40 Points)
2nd Place - Play at the Plate (39 Points)
3rd Place - Richard Nebe Jr. (38 Points)

I'm going to run the contest for two more weeks and then wrap everything up. Just a reminder that the top 3 point earners at the end of the contest will automatically win one of the prize packages.

Everyone else will have their names entered into random.org one time for every five points earned.

I'll be rounding your points up, so if you earned 23 points at the end of the contest, your name will be entered 5 times into random.org.

I know I said I wouldn't run anymore mini-contests... but I lied. It's a way to shake up the leader board and keep things interesting. Stay tuned... I'll post the next contest entry within the next two hours.

Happy Sunday & sayonara!


  1. I gotta say, for only commenting for points and not winning any contests, I'm happy with 13th place!

    1. That's the positive attitude I'm looking for... plenty of time to work your way up the charts!

  2. $29!! Really!! seems like you found a flea market with actual Flea Market pricing!! Too cool! We don't have any of that around here, that's for damn sure!! If something is worth $1 here, they'll price it at $10 or $15, hoping to rip you off for $5 or $10 for it. It's normally priced high enough that I'd fell like I'd offend someone by offering what I'd be willing to pay for it. They are definitely living in a Beckett world and having Antiques Roadshow dreams of fortune to boot!

    1. LOL... it's funny, because it's really in the eye of the beholder. I was definitely happy with the price I paid (which is why I paid it... lol).

      But there were two people who guessed $18... and one even thought I paid $16.50. So I guess to them, I got ripped off.

  3. I'm shocked that I nailed it. In the comment, I even mentioned how bad I was at this type of thing. Normally I'm either way over or way under. I'll take it though!