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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Beatles were wrong... money CAN buy me LOVE.

A few years ago, I stopped buying cards in hopes of turning a profit. The fact is... I'll never recover half of the money I've spent on cardboard since I was a kid. Which is why I try my best not to think about "making money" when I buy cards.

But... that doesn't mean I don't get excited about a bargain every now and then.

Here's a 2008-09 Topps T51 Murad printing plate I picked up off of eBay two summers ago for $12.50 (+ $2.75 shipping):

They say sometimes an image can jog your memory... which is exactly what happened when I saw this highlight from last night's Clippers-Timberwolves game:

I totally forgot that I purchased that card, after watching that highlight, I started to wonder if I owned any nice cards of Kevin Love. Then I remembered I purchased this graded printing plate.

Later, I looked up his stats and was shocked to see the year he's put together so far:

Points Per Game: 24.7 (5th in NBA)
Rebounds Per Game: 14.5 (2nd in NBA)
Minutes Per Game: 39.6 (1st in NBA)
Double-Doubles: 15 (1st in NBA)
Total Efficiency Points: 416 (3rd in NBA)
Efficiency Ranking: 27.73 (2nd in NBA)

Hopefully, he'll continue to produce and have a solid career. Then I'll be able to turnaround, sell this card, and possibly retire a few years earlier. Just kidding!

Now it's time for your feedback. Obviously, I haven't been keeping up with the NBA this season, so I'm interested in hearing your take on Mr. Love.

As a player, is he a minor star, semi star, star, or super star?

Legit or one year wonder?

Overrated or underrated?

Okay... I'm starving. Time to grab some dinner. Happy Saturday everyone. Sayonara!

Extra Edition
By the way... if you're interested in reading more about this purchase... it was documented in G_moses' blog... Basketball (and Hockey) Card Blog a couple of years ago (especially in the comments section).


  1. The only thing the Beatles were wrong about is Apple!

  2. Love is easily a major star and on the brink of super-stardom. I'd say finishing this season strong cements him as a superstar. He won't get the love other guys do, but his numbers will back up what he truly is.

    Also, any possible way the Love is available? I have to at least inquire about my UCLA brethren haha.

  3. I would say to the casual NBA fan Kevin Love is a semi-star. He will be a super star one day soon though but he just isn't a household name yet.

    Last year he started getting more recognition and hopefully this year he gets even more. He's a great player who is highly underrated. I'd love to have him on my team.

    Thanks for posting this cause I plan on buying a Love auto sometime this year as he's one of those nice guys in the NBA that you can't help but like.

  4. I'd say semi-star but breaking into a star this season (I can's say superstar just yet). I'm sure many thought last year was a one year fluke, but it's not looking like that, guy's been a beast. If Minnesota can build upon their youthful foundation (Wes Johnson, Love, Rubio, Derrick Williams, etc) they could be a Oklahoma Cityish team in a couple years. I definitely think he's underrated, those numbers he puts up are amazing (and I hate the "well someone has to put up those numbers cause it's the T'Wolves" argument).

  5. I remember when you bought that card. It was because I went on a rant about grading a printing plate - or it was a Beckett rant of some sort. Looking back, I should've picked up the card and seen it as an investment. Trust me, Murad prices have gone through the roof. When I could buy a box of Murad for 50 bucks, it now costs nearly 150. Part of that is the Rose RC's, but with Love RC's and a few other key rookies in the set, it was a good year. Hold on to it and then flip it when he's really hot.

  6. martyn - apple records?

    greg - i hope he becomes a super star one day. it'd be nice to find a hidden treasure among my collection.

    as for trading for it... i'll probably hold onto it. it's not even in my possession. once or twice a year, i take some cards down to my parents house to hold for me. the only thing in my possession are some scans on my computer ;-)

    trey - i have at least one of his autograph... since i'm pretty sure he's a part of my 2009-10 bowman 48 autograph set. too bad it's a sticker auto :-(

    chris - that's what i was wondering... whether or not, he's the only guy on the team, so that's why he score so much. thanks for clearing that up.

    g - lol... that's right. i should go back and see if i can find your post ;-)

  7. g - i just went back and read your post... great write up bud. i ended up adding an "extra edition" to my post with a link.

    it's cool knowing one of my ebay transaction is documented in the blogworld. loved going back and reading our conversation about the card purchase & my haggling skills.

    one more thing... isn't it ironic that you won my deandre jordan rookie printing plate and he was the guy guarding love on his game winning shot.

  8. Haha, well, if you ever decide to part with it, please let me know! Either way, congrats on a nice PC card! I am MASSIVELY jealous haha.

  9. I think Love is a star and could be a major star in a bigger market. I wish I could get my players to rebound like he does!

  10. greg - aren't you the guy after my MJD auto too? LOL... i'll keep you in mind.

    patp - lol... warriors would take his rebounding skills too.