30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, December 15, 2011

PC Addition - 1991/92 SJ Sharks Commemorative Puck

The San Jose Sharks have struggled the past few weeks... winning just two games out of their last nine. Tonight, they come home from a three game road trip and take on the Colorado Avalanche (who beat them in a shootout on Tuesday). Hopefully, they'll be able to stop this backwards slide.

I figured I'd help them out a little and share with them the 1991-92 San Jose Sharks Commemorative Puck my brother gave me... just around the time the Sharks began their skid.

Maybe the hockey gods were upset that I didn't recognize my brother's generosity. He had this sitting around this house... gathering sunlight in his office the past twenty years. I was pretty excited when I saw it, so he donated it to my Sharks collection.

He doesn't remember what he paid, but he tried to explain to me that these pucks were rare... so rare that they were hand numbered to 2,500.

I didn't have the heart to tell him that 2,500 was far from scarce. And even if it was... the sunlight has damaged the puck to the point that only a diehard fan would place this on their shelf.

No matter the condition... it will always be special to me... because it was a gift from my bro. And hopefully... this post will be the little nudge the Sharks need to get back on track.

Go Sharks!

Your turn to share...

What's your favorite item in your collection that was passed down to you by a family member or friend?

Happy Thursday everyone... only one more day until the holiday break. Sayonara!


  1. I have a 1970 Topps Jim Palmer that my mom gave me from when she was younger.

  2. the lost collector - did she pull it from a pack herself?

  3. Why must you continue to torment me with some of the most awesomest Sharks stuff that I hope to someday add to my collection?

    My favorite item was an unused Tony Gwynn bat given to me by my dad for my birthday a few years ago.

  4. mariner 1 - looks like we have similar tastes... gwynn is my favorite baseball player of all-time.

  5. Mine is a team signed bat from my teamates frrom my last game