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Friday, December 9, 2011

Flashback Friday #2: Todd Van Poppel

Ahh... cardboard memories. Sometimes they take you back to the days when you and your buddies sat on the curb swapping Gene Garbers for Steve Howes... you know... the good old days.

Other times, they remind you of the so called, next
Nolan Ryan: Mr. Todd Van Poppel.

He was the top baseball prospect in
1991, which meant that his baseball cards were hot. His cards peaked right in the middle of the great hobby boom. And back then, his name was all over the place... Sports Illustrated, Baseball America, and of course Beckett's Future Stars.

Van Poppel was viewed as one of the key pieces that would lead the Athletics back to the promised land. And since I've been a huge A's fan for as long as I can remember... he was at the top of my collecting want list.

At one point, I probably had over
50 of his 1991 Upper Deck rookie cards:

Today... the one pictured above is all that remains. I found it along with a bunch of other early
90's Van Poppels tucked in a box from one of my Craigslist hauls.

I came across these a few weeks ago, while sorting some cards at the flea market. I immediately put them aside. Sadly... the only rookie card I'm missing is his 1991 Bowman #218.

I considered going out and picking up the card, but then I came to my senses.
Why would I want to spend another dime on him? He's one of those cardboard memories that are more painful... than pleasant.

But... one thing for sure... is that he'll always be a part of my past.

By the way... today's his
40th birthday. Happy Birthday Todd!

Everyone else... have a great weekend. Sayonara!

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