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Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm not a big fan of birds...

Today... I received a prize from the sky. Yep... a bird dropped a bomb on me at work. At least it entertained my fifth period class... who got a kick out of seeing me freak out. Have I ever mentioned that I suffer from a mild case of "mysophobia"? In other words... I don't like germs. I'm one of those guys who doesn't like to eat chips out of a bag that's had a thousand hands in it.

Anyways... to make a long story short... after I was finished changing clothes... I realized that I actually hit the jackpot.

At the start of the school year, my friends and I came up with a deal. The first person to get "pooped" on wins $5 each from the other participants. Five of us were in on it... which means that I'm $20 richer.

It's not much... but hopefully I'll find something to take my mind off of my stained shirt. Until then... I figure I'd share some Birds of my own.

Here's my 1992-93 Upper Deck "Larry Bird Heroes" set.

#NNO Header Card

#'s 19 through 26

#27 (front)

#27 (back)

It's a ten card set, which could be found in 1992-93 UD high series packs. All of the cards are listed in Beckett at a $1/piece... with the exception of the #NNO header card. If my memory serves me right... the header card books higher, because it was short printed compared to the other nine cards.

You can find these sets on eBay for around $6... or build it yourself on COMC for under $3.50 (before shipping).

As the title of this post says... I'm not a big fan of birds. Including Larry Bird. But I do love inserts from the 90's... especially the early 90's.

Today's question has nothing to do with cards... and everything to do with birds.

How many times have you been blessed by the birds in your lifetime?

I have no idea why anyone would want to answer this question. Maybe it's so you can make peace with our winged friends. Anyways... I just wanted to let everyone know that today was the fifth time that I can remember.

Actually... a few years ago, I was pooped on twice in a three week period. Best of all... I was wearing the same maroon thermal both times. Lucky me ;-)

Well... I hope everyone enjoyed their Friday as much as I have. Sayonara!


  1. Oh, boy, this has never happened to me, but I think it's only a matter of time.

    Our city has a crow problem. Every fall and early spring, the crows come into the city at evening time and gather in trees in certain spots, including trees near my place of work.

    You should see them swarming the evening sky as I walk the parking lot to the office. I try not to look up. When we leave for the night, most people's cars are splattered with droppings.

  2. I have never personally been "blessed" by a bird but it does remind me of a friend from high school.

    During our Junior year he was wearing this odd white button down shirt with 3 inch in diameter blue polka dots. It was a silly shirt and we teased him about it incessantly. Once day a seagull dropped a load on him at lunch time while he was wearing the shirt. None of us would sit next to him and we told him his shirt was a target. He stopped wearing the shirt and after a couple weeks he was allowed to sit with us again.

    Low and behold, 2-3 months later he wears the shirt once more and plop, he gets nailed again. The shirt went in the trash and we didn't let him sit with us for the rest of the school year.

  3. Ha! great story, and better bet.
    When I was a kid, my family took a trip to Florida. While there, we went to Busch Gardens. me and my kid brother each got something like $5 bucks each for lunch and snacks. We found a restaurant, and waited in line. We were probably ten and nine years old, so ordering for ourselves was a big deal. We waited for what seemed like forever. We got our tray of food and walked out to a patio are to eat. A seagull pooped a big load that hit our Coke and caused a big splash of coke-ish poop all over our hot dogs and fries.
    My brother started crying.

  4. My car... too many time to count!!
    Me... once, way back in my teen years. Living with four dogs, nothing phases me too bad now!!

  5. First and only time was a few months ago, bike riding down the Great Highway when it was closed for sand cleanup. Right on my helmet (thankfully - which kept it out of my hair) and jacket. GROSS.

  6. From birds, I think it happened twice. With kids and dogs, I've long since lost count. :)

    We had pigeons on out balcony one year. Had to throw out every piece of furniture we had. It just couldn't be cleaned.

  7. only once.

    wait... you and your friends have a 'poop pool' going????

  8. night owl - muy importante... never look up. lol.

    arpsmith - you've convince me... certain shirts are more appealing to birds... blue polka dots... and maroon thermals are a birds best friend.

    the sewingmachineguy - awesome story! instant classic.

    dawgbones - lol... i'll deal with dog poop any day of the week over bird poop. not sure why though... since dog poops smells 10x worse.

    ryan g - hopefully there aren't too many in japan ;-)

    1967ers - when i was a kid, my neighbor had a pidgeon coop... so i totally understand. maybe that's where my bird issues originated... lol.

    captain - the seagulls come out in flocks during lunchtime (looking for scraps students leave behind)... and we see them dropping loads left and right. so one day, one of my friends said we should have a bet. originally it was whoever gets hit, gets free dinner. but it's too hard to organize dates and times with teachers... so it turned into cash money. lol.

  9. Twice! And once was while I was playing outfield during a Babe Ruth game. Luckily on one saw that one.

  10. The Lost Collector - Glad you were able to hide that from your teammates... I had several students who actually saw the bird release his gift... and saw the whole show... LOL.

    The kids teased me about it yesterday too... but today nobody brought it up. Maybe I'm in the clear now.