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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Set Showcase #16: 2010 UD Celebrity Predictor Set

Right now... at this particular moment on our hobby timeline... there's no better time to start collecting. Why... you ask? It's because 99% of the stuff out there is overproduced or unwanted and everyone knows it's about "supply" vs. "demand". Which means you can find a ton of bargains out there.

And as long as you're not banking on these cardboard bargains to help pay for your children's college education or your retirement, then what more do you want? You can now officially go out there and collect for "fun".

I recently put the finishing touches on my 2010 Upper Deck "Celebrity Predictor" set, which features caricatures of some of Hollywood's finest/former couples. The cards are perforated down the middle, to make things simple for couples who split up.

Although the set primarily consists of movie stars and musicians, Upper Deck did produce two cards that contain athletes: Anna Kournikova & Cristiano Ronaldo.

Beckett doesn't list a complete set book value, but based on individual cards... the set lists at $62. Of course... if you go back to my first paragraph, you know that there's no way you could sell the set for anything close to that.

Right now on eBay, there are two complete sets listed:

Auction (current price): $1.50 (+ $2.75 shipping)

I purchased all of my singles off of COMC for $6.44, which is probably more than what the auction above will end at. But at least I can say I had the opportunity of hand building the set... even if I technically purchased all of the singles from one site.

The most expensive card I purchased was the Jolie/Pitt, which set me back $2.50... the Hilton/Ronaldo cost me $1.50... and the rest were $.48 or cheaper. Here's a look at the set breakdown:

Set: 20 Celebrities on 10 Cards
Beckett Value: $62
eBay Value: $4.25 to $10

CP1/CP2 Jennifer Aniston/John Mayer (Splitsville)

CP3/CP4 Cameron Diaz/Justin Timberlake (Splitsville)

CP5/CP6 Megan Fox/Shia LaBeouf (Splitsville)

CP7/CP8 Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise (Married)

CP9/CP10 Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin (Married)

CP11/CP12 Anna Kournikova/Enrique Iglesias (Dating)

CP13/CP14 Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon (Married)

CP15/CP16 Kristen Stewart/Rob Pattinson (Dating)

CP17/CP18 Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt (Brangelina)

CP19/CP20 Paris Hilton/Cristiano Renaldo (Splitsville)

So if you're into collecting "celebrity" cardboard at a fraction of Beckett values, than this is the set for you. It looks like there are only six surviving couples... three of which are married. Hopefully, all six of these relationships will stand the test of time... but just in case they don't...

Which couple do you predict will last the longest?

Enjoy your weekend everyone... Sayonara!

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Ryan G said...

Man, I have so many of these extras I would have been glad to just send to you, and saved you a buck or two! I like this set so much I featured it a few months back too.

Who's going to last? Well, Gwyneth Paltrow is pretty mellow, so it might be a safe bet to guess that relationship would stay longest. I'm surprised Pitt and Jolie have lasted this long, but maybe they have something good.

Mini Groover said...

Chris Martin's will. After seeing these I need to get the one with Chris as he is apart of my favourite band! Coldplay!!

Fuji said...

ryan - i'll have to go back and read your post. just curious... how frequently were these pulled from boxes?

lol... surprised jolie and pitt have stood the test of time myself.

mini groover - coldplay is one of my favorites as well.