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Friday, November 11, 2011

Domo Arigato: Jaybarkerfan @ Jaybarkerfan's Junk

Back in mid-August, Jaybarkerfan kicked off one of the most entertaining contests, I've been a part of since I joined the Sports Card Blog World. It was interactive... innovative, and when it came to prizes, it had a little bit of everything... vintage cards, inventors, crazy names, oddball issues, parallels, rookie cards, memorabilia cards, autographs, and even action figures.

Here's a look at my winnings...

1988 Topps #266 Ed "Too Tall" Jones

Cool design? Yes. Non-glossy card stock? Yes. Unique nickname? Yes. Vintage? Debatable. Cowboys fan? Hell no!

2008 Topps Mayo "Mini Black Back" #300 Thomas Edison

Phonograph inventor? Aye. Cool retro card? Amen. Mini parallel? Yea. Greatest inventor of all time? Probably. Does Edison sign TTM's anymore? No likely.

1991 Maxx #66 Dick Trickle

Spastik... this one is all yours. However... I should warn you. Cool name? Most definitely. Does the card contain "liquid" stains on the surface? Uh, huh. Will the card be package securely, so things are sanitary? You bet'cha. Do I know what the "mystery" stains are? Nope.

1997 Ultra "Shoney's" #4 Jeff Gordon

Cool 90's restaurant, promotional giveaway? Sure thing. Still sealed in cellophane? Most assuredly. Should I release the card from it's dungeon? Possibly. Am I a JG fan? Negatory.

2007 Chrome "White Refractor" #160 DeMeco Ryans (#'d 319/869)
2005/06 Chrome "Black Refractor" #31 Ricky Davis (#d 111/399)

Do I love refractors? Heck yeah. Ebony & Ivory? Yep. Will they live together in perfect harmony... side by side in my collection? Possibly. Future HOFers? I think not.

2004/05 Hoops "Hoops 100" #80 Brian Scalabrine (#'d 067/100)

Nets fan? Nope. USC fan? No way. Is a card numbered to 100, considered rare? Depends on your point of view. Are there cool Mr. Scalabrine YouTube videos out there? Heck yeah!

Do yourself a favor and check them out! Here's my personal favorite:

2005-06 Topps #255 Jay-Z RC

Rookie card according to Beckett? Yep. Fan of non-sports card? Yes, sir. Talented artist? Sure, why not. Do collectors really need rookie cards of entertainers? I don't think so.

2005 Bowman Sterling "GU Bat" #BS-RBE Ronnie Belliard

Thirteen seasons, six teams? Check. One-time all-star! Check. Authentic game-used bat? Awkward silence.

2003 Sweet Spot "Swatches" #SS Sammy Sosa

PED user? Si. 1998 NL MVP? Si. Sweet card? Si. Game-used jersey swatch? Tal vez.

2003 Fleer WWE Aggression "Matitude" #MKA Kurt Angle

1996 Olympic gold medalist? Positively. Former WWE Champion? Absolutely. Entertaining? Conceivably. Has Angle's skin ever touched this piece of event-used mat? Presumably. Does it really matter? Not likely.

2008 TriStar TNA "Cross the Line Auto" #C-HS Hermie Sadler

Has this guy been involved with racing and wrestling? Supposedly. Do I like autographs of racers and wrestlers? Of course. Do I like "sticker autos"? Not really, but I guess it depends. Have I ever heard of Hermie Sadler? I plead the fifth.

Star Wars Boba Fett Action Figure

Baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy? No doubt. Favorite SW character? Could be. Is Jango cooler? Absolutely not.

Fellow Kent Tekulve fan? Hai. Generous? Hai. Author of great blog. Hai.

Domo arigato Jaybarkerfan. I loved all of the items you sent me... I promise to either put them into my own personal collection... or at the very least find suitable homes for your items.


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