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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mr. Luck, My Nephew, & Making History

Yesterday, I received two tickets to the Stanford/Notre Dame game from my sister-in-law, so I dropped my original plans... and took my nephew to the game. Little did we know... we'd be watching history in the making.

It was Stanford's Senior Day, which meant that each of their seniors were introduced before the sellout crowd of 50,360 fans. Included in the group was Heisman Trophy candidate, Andrew Luck... who happens to be a junior, but has made it well known that he intends to enter the NFL Draft after this season. In other words... last night's game was most likely his Stanford Stadium finale.

The game itself was closer than my nephew and I had hoped... a persevering Notre Dame squad & "unique" officiating kept the game interesting. But in the end... the Cardinals won the game 28 to 14... and Mr. Luck threw himself into Stanford's history books.

Luck's 3 yard touchdown toss to tight end Levine Toilolo in the first quarter tied John Elway as Stanford's all-time TD passing leader. The next quarter, he broke the record. He ended up with four passing touchdowns against the Fighting Irish... giving him 80 in his three years at Stanford. Elway threw 77 in four years.

One of Notre Dame's players broke a school record himself. Wide receiver, Michael Floyd finished the game with 8 receptions... giving him 95 catches on the year... which passed up Golden Tate's record for most receptions in a season (Tate caught 93 passes for the Fighting Irish in 2009).

Last night was definitely one of the more memorable sporting events I've attended in recent years... and I'm grateful I had the opportunity to share it with my nephew.

Sunday's question...

Who's taking home the Heisman Trophy this season?

I honestly have no clue... since I don't really follow college football. But... my vote would go to Andrew Luck, solely based on the fact that he plays for a Bay Area university.

Okay... it's time to get ready for NFL Sunday. The Seahawks actually have a chance to win three in a row... if they can eek out a win against the Redskins, who have lost six in a row. Go Hawks!

Happy Sunday everyone... and sayonara!

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  1. I think Luck has too many supporters not to win. Personally I'd vote for Trent Richardson, but I think Luck will win.

  2. the lost collector - looks like richardson is a popular choice too... according to espn they're the top two candidates

  3. I'm glad you guys knew because I'm clueless about that stuff. I watch a college game now and then, but only if I wake up in the recliner, the game is on and I can't reach the remote...oh wait, that's college basketball!

    Congrats on witnessing a little history. That's always fun.

  4. Luck seems a good pick, also Griffin of Baylor would be a good winner.Off the wall choice,but I would love to see this guy get some loving. Bobby Rainey of Western Kentucky the guy has 1695 yards rushing this season and has helped WKU become bowl eligible for the first time.I love the big stories from the smaller colleges.

  5. play at the plate - thanks! i watch very little college football (except for the major bowl games and of course cal vs. stanford)... but i watch college hoops even less.

    hairy - never heard of rainey... but i'll keep my eyes peeled for him.