30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, April 8, 2011

PC Addition - 2005 Ronald Reagan Stamps

Here's an update to last week's blog post on my Ronald Reagan PC. I mentioned that President Reagan was honored in 2005 & 2006 with stamps... well today I received this:

It's a full sheet of 2005 President Reagan stamps. There are two ways to tell the difference between the two versions.

A. In small print right below the 37USA, there's 2005 printed.

B. Another way to tell the difference is that this is a 37 cent stamp, whereas the 2006 stamp is a 39 cent stamp.

After posting my article, I immediately headed over to Ebay and found this. I won the auction with a bid of $7.80 (+ $2.70 shipping). The stamps have a face value of $7.40, so I guess I immediately lost $2.90 on the purchase.

I won't be losing any sleep over it, since the addition of this item is a huge PC gain... well worth the loss of a few dollars.

What about you...

Have you ever collected stamps or presidential collectibles?
If so... what and why?

Have a great weekend... sayonara!


Nathan said...

I collect stamps, but I'm not hardcore about it...I just like to pick up stamps of different countries and I always pick up stamps of baseball players if I can find them

Anonymous said...

I'm still working on the '08 Topps Historical Campaign Match-Ups insert set and the Campaign 2008 insert set from the same year. I've got a page of Cardinals stamps (not even sure if they were valid postage stamps), but no presidential stamps. I'm a Regan fan as well, I'll have to look into getting some stamps too.

Justin McLeod said...

Reagan stamps! I need some of those!