30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flea Market Finds #8

When: Saturday, April 2nd
Where: De Anza Flea Market
What: A Bossk action figure & two boxes of sports cards
How Much: $13

This morning I went to the ATM before hitting up the flea market and pulled out $100, which was expected to last me the whole weekend (including tomorrow's A's game). The fact is... I dropped most of my extra spending money on the Masterpieces case & Panini HOF boxes.

So while I walking around I knew I was on a tight budget. My first purchase was off one of my friends who sells toys and action figures. Unfortunately... he didn't have any new McFarlanes... but he did have the last piece I needed to complete my bounty hunter scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

I've been hunting down a Bossk for a few years now... trying to find one at the right price. My buddy was asking for $3 (or 2 for $5). Since I didn't need anything else he had... I dished out the $3 and was on my way. Here's a look at the set:

These figures are going to go great with my sketch cards.

After walking around for over an hour without finding anything within my budget... I made my way down the 2nd to last row when I saw a guy selling a ton of old stuff.

He had everything from albums to coins to stamps... and of course... he had these two boxes of cards:

I sifted through both boxes and found a bunch of 70's baseball, football, and basketball mixed in among some junk wax era stuff. I came across a bunch of A's cards I wanted and a Jack Morris rookie when I finally decided to ask the guy how much he wanted.

I was a little nervous, because a few minutes earlier a lady asked about some vinyl 45's, but he wanted way too much. So I figured he was going to want something crazy like $100. I knew there were several hundred 70's cards... so I was prepared to pay $20. I figured if he had a Jack Morris rookie in the boxes... maybe I'd find something else in the mix. If not... I'd have some cool 70's cards to add to my collection.

Well... I lucked out and he sold me the "lot" for $10. I was really excited, because I couldn't wait to get home and sort through my purchase.

A few hours later... here's what I found:

70's Topps basketball cards - around 50
70's Topps football cards - over 250 (mostly 1974)
70's Fleer football cards - around 50
70's Topps baseball cards - over 200 (including a bunch of 1975 minis)

There wasn't anything crazy like a Mike Schmidt rookie... but I added a bunch of cards to my A's, Padres, Lakers, and Packers PC.

A's PC Additions

Padres PC Additions

Lakers PC Additions

Packers PC Additions

Along with all of the cards above... I found two cool rookie cards:

During the 80's I was a huge Jack Morris fan, so it was nice to pick up my second rookie card of him. Hopefully he'll make it into Cooperstown in the near future. The other rookie card I liked was a 1976 Topps Willie Randolph. I didn't like Randolph much, since he spent most of his career with the Yankees... but it's hard not to like a 70's rookie card of a seven time all-star.

Finally... here are the key stars from the lot:

My favorite card in the bunch is easily Gary Carter. It's a nice addition to my Expos PC. However... I won't lie... I was extremely happy to see the Gibson, Munson, and both Carltons. None of these are valued high... nor are they in great condition... but they're cards I can hang on my wall (without worrying about fading). LOL... the Carlton Fisk actually has four staple holes in it.

There were also a few junk wax era cards I'm planning on keeping... like a Topps Chipper Jones rookie... but most of them I'll be giving away to my students.

Now on to today's question:

Do you think Jack Morris is Cooperstown worthy?

Why or why not?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone. Sayonara!


  1. Great find. Why can't I find something that affordable and good.

    In answer to your question, I honestly could go either way and make a convincing argument. Jack Morris is my ultimate cut-off guy. Sure he was the winningest pitcher of the 1980s, but Mark Grace had the most hits in the 1990s and he didn't even stay more than one year on the ballot.

    Ultimately, I think Cooperstown is not necessarily about the best baseball players (ie the hits leader and home run leader will probably never get inducted). It's all about how you treated the writers and that is just wrong.

  2. Morris had a Hall of Fame game but a Hall of Fame career is another thing.

  3. Very nice haul, Fuji! I had a pretty good day at the flea market today too (be posting about it later), but yours definitely eclipses mine!

    As for Morris, I say he's in, but I also think that Chuck Finley should be in (near-identical and in some cases better numbers than Jack's, for worse, and thus, less "famous" teams), but he never will be. If Pettitte gets in (and despite the steroid thing and the dream job he had in New York, he'll get in) and Morris doesn't, there's something very wrong with the world.

    Finally, I have at least 1 of that Bossk figure, possibly more. Wish I'd known you were looking! If you need any other Star Wars stuff, run it by me, I've got a ton!

  4. Oooh, is that a Fisk '75 mini? If so, that's the best find of the day.

  5. I agree with laurens. One game does not a Hall of Fame career make. If it did then you have to throw in Kirk Gibson, definitely Joe Carter, and then any number of guys in that heroic class.

    Yes Morris' career numbers look a lot better in comparison to those guys...but they're still not HOF great to me.

    Also, nice job finishing up the bounty hunters! My brothers and I must have 400 of those figures sitting in our basement in various boxes. I always called dibs on Bossk, Boba Fett, IG-88 and Dengar. Every single time.

  6. Nice haul! I love the '76's of the A's...great color combos.
    Heck yes Morris is a Hall-of-Famer. One of the most dominant of his era. Most wins in the 80's.

  7. Fuji- Any chance that I could get some of the Indians cards you found in the boxes especially if there are any 1975 Topps mini cards. I have been looking for those to complete the team set, and cannot find them. Those two boxes are great finds! I can never have that kind of luck when I go to flea markets. As for Jack Morris, I think he is a fringe hall of famer. He was a dominant pitcher, and had a great game, but not sure if he is hall of fame material.

  8. Lovin' the Star Wars figurines. My cousins has about twenty of them still in original packing.

    Any Buffalo Bills finds in that huge 70s lot of cards?

  9. hiflew - great argument... Grace was another one of those players I liked when I was a kid. Solid career indeed. It's hard not to argue the "players & writer's relationship" issue. I read that he (Morris) often didn't get along with teammates & the media during his career.

    Laurens - Are you referring to his no-hitter as a Tiger or his 7th game, 10 inning shut out over the Braves as a Twin in the 1991 WS? Both were amazing feats.

    Scott Crawford - Was it your blog that I read about the Finley/Morris comparison? If not... I read a comparison of Morris to someone with the same point.

    I'll keep you posted on my SW wants/needs. Right now... I'm good... since I finished my bounty hunter collection... but there are a few jedi's I might need.

    Night Owl - Thanks... I'm definitely happy with the purchase... I had a lot of fun sorting through the cards.

    SpastikMooss - Yeah... the Morris/HOF issue is definitely debateable... and he's on the fence for me. But... if I had to pick... I'd vote him in.

    You have to write up an article on your figures... there aren't enough SW posts in our blogworld.

    the sewingmachineguy - You have no idea how excited I am about finding vintage A's for this price. I usually pay at least a quarter a piece... and that's for the commons. I hope more voters think like you next year.

    TSHenson - I'm sure I have Indians... Email me and remind me... I'll look after I get home from the game tonight.

    longlivethewho - Wow... seriously jealous of your cousin. I don't have any sealed from my childhood... but I have about 20 of the figures from my youth (no weapons or accessories though). One of these days... I'll do a post on them.

    I have several Buffalo Bills... but they're already in my stack for Charles over at Hoopography. I'll double check to see if I have any doubles... if so I'll most definitely give them to you.

  10. Morris is that guy that would get into the Hall of the Really Good, but not HOF. I feel he's in that same class as Ron Santo, Rusty Staub, Mark Grace etc.

  11. Fuji, all those comments and nobody geeked out over somebody recreating the bounty hunter scene? Well done my jedi friend.

    Oh, I'll be watching the Mariners complete the sweep of the A's here shortly. My apologies to the A's faithful....

  12. (...Joe) - He's slowly creeped up in HOF voting... but you might be right.

    GMoses - Thanks for appreciating my bounty hunter PC... they're definitely some of my favorite collectibles.

    Btw... thanks for jinxing the Mariners... it was nice to avoid the sweep.

  13. I believe he is absolutely a HOF'er!

    Love your posts, always a good read.

  14. jaybarkerfan - thanks for the compliment... and for supporting the blog!