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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amazing Ebay Seller & My Sunday Ballpark Adventure

Last night, I finally got around to opening up some packages I received over the past few days. There was one from a SCF trade and the rest were Ebay purchases.

The package I was anticipating the most contained some 2009 UD "Masterpieces" inserts I needed for my set. I wrote about this little project last week over here. I've slowly nibbled away at my set "needs" and this purchase was going to cover five of the sixteen cards I need... all for a reasonable price.

When I opened the package... four of the cards were perfect, but one of them was damage. Actually it was the most valuable one in the lot.

(card was partially torn along the bottom edge)

I immediately set the card aside... and looked up the item to see if the damage had been mentioned. After noticing that it wasn't part of the post, I contacted the seller and asked if I could get a partial refund.

The response I received was not expected. The seller (mikchan) sent a long apology explaining his customer service policy, along with a FULL REFUND (including my shipping fees). He mentioned that "my philosophy is not to sell cards, but to completely satisfy customers".

It's this type of philosophy, along with the fact that he has reasonable prices that will guarantee my business in the future.

Most of my Ebay experiences have been positive... and only a couple have been bad. However... it's the poor experiences I tend to remember. Well today... this is going to change.

This post is dedicated to giving props to Ebay seller: mikchan. Last night's experience was by far the best customer service I've ever received. I would have been satisfied with a partial refund. Instead he did much more. It's not just that he gave me a full refund... it's the fact that he went above what I expected.

I remember my mom saying that she shopped at Nordstrom's instead of Macy's because of their customer service. For years... I didn't understand why my mom would spend the extra money. Now I do.

Thanks mikchan! I look forward to purchasing cards from you in the future.

Everyone else... if you're looking for a quality Ebay dealer with an excellent customer service policy... I encourage you to head over to his Ebay store.

Okay... your turn...

What's has been your best Ebay experience?

Oh... I almost forgot... here's a recap of my ballpark adventure on Sunday.

I was able to kill two birds with one stone and watch my favorite team go against one of my favorite players... Ichiro Suzuki. The game itself was mediocre at best... as the A's beat the Mariners 7 to 1.

But in addition to the game... it was Japanese Heritage Day at the Oakland Coliseum... so the American Red Cross collected money to aid Japan. They also had taiko drummers perform before the game and the players' names were announced in Japanese.

But the best part of the game was this free shirt they passed out to the first 10,000 fans.

It's actually a pretty nice shirt... one of the nicest I've seen passed out at a game.

Unfortunately my friends and I were out in the parking lot tailgating, so by the time we went inside they were all out.

My friend (who drove with me) and I were bummed out... in fact she didn't even care about the game... she only wanted the shirt... so she tried to talk me into leaving.

Well... I convinced her to stick it out... and thankfully we did, because we found a couple of people who were willing to sell their shirts. But... I won't even tell you how much we had to pay for them.

In the end... I dished out more money than expected... but we enjoyed a great win... in perfect weather... while chowing down delicious food... wearing awesome new Hideki Matsui t-shirts.

Happy Tuesday everyone... Sayonara!

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  1. Glad to see there are some honest ones out there on ebay. I had the same type of situation with a different seller. Asked for a partial refund and they refused. I asked for a full refund if I mailed card back, they refused. So I had to file claim with Paypal and I will now get my full refund once he gets card back. Needless to say he won't get a good rating from me.