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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sports Card Bust #12: Kwame Brown

This article was originally listed last night, but due to "font" issues... I deleted the original article and have relisted it.
On the eve of game 7 of the NBA Finals, I feel it's my duty to pay homage to one of the biggest Sports Card Busts of the decade. Without Kwame Brown, the Lakers may not have acquired Pau Gasol. Without Gasol, there's a chance that Kobe would have demanded out of L.A. Without Kobe, the Lakers aren't in tomorrow night's game.
In 2001, Kwame Brown was drafted by Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards with their #1 pick in the NBA draft. He originally signed a letter of intent to play of the University of Florida, but backed out to enter the draft. Obviously, expectations were high because he was the #1 pick in the draft... plus Mr. Airness made the decision to draft him.
Unfortunately, Mr. Brown never lived up to those expectations. He's averaged 6.7 ppg, 1.0 apg, & 5.4 rpg over the past 9 seasons. I'm sure Washington was excited to dump him off to the Lakers.
As a Lakers fan and a sports fan in general, I was disappointed and frustrated with Kwame Brown. It sucks to hear that a player on your team isn't trying their hardest and unfortunately that what was frequently being reported.
However on February 1st, 2008 the basketball gods answered Lakers fans' prayers and sent them a gift. In one of the most lopsided deals in NBA history, the Lakers acquired Pau Gasol for a couple of 1st round draft picks, Marc Gasol, a couple of role players, and of course the man of the hour, Mr. Kwame Brown.
So I want to wish all of my fellow Lakers fans the best of luck. I'm sure either way it'll be one helluva game. But it makes you wonder, would the Lakers be in this position without Kwame Brown?

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  1. See, how can you call him a bust. He may help the Lakers win another NBA Championship. Bust? If you don't like 4.3 ppg 2 rebounds and .01 bpg, oh wait... Yeah, your right. He was pretty horrible. Cool post tho!!!